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Our Enquiry topic last term 'The Great Fire of London' was such a success! We cannot wait to get started on this terms topic.


This term we will be exploring the 7 continents and 5 oceans. This will lead us to explore the equator and how this impacts on the weather we experience compared to other countries. Year 2 will follow on to explore what life is like in the polar regions, they will compare this to what life is like here in England. We will also explore the significant historical event of Shakleton's journey.


In Year 2 we welcome writing opportunities throughout topic too. After exploring Shakleton's journey, Year 2 will be writing a diary entry in the perspective of a crew member on the expedition.


Our Enquiry learning from this term will end by exploring the many aspects of how humans are impacting on climate change, from this we will be able to write an informative / persuasive poster on how we can help to prevent or slow down climate change.