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Welcome to our new Speech and Language webpage. We are very excited that we will be able to share with you some of our learning. We regularly take photographs to record what they have been up to so keep checking this space!

Enjoy exploring this new website as there's lots to see and up to date school information available. Don't forget to check out the kids zone kidsĀ smiley

We've been busy practicing our dress rehearsal for The Hoity Toity Angel. The children have worked hard and been fantastic!
Picture 1
We had a great time during our share afternoon making family tree photo frames and looking after the birds. Thank you to all those who joined us, the children really enjoy themselves and learnt lots.

22.10.15 - Today we enjoyed joining the whole school in taking part in the Yr6 heart fair. Yr6 had worked hard to organise games and experiments for everyone to try. We had a go at placing internal organs in the right place, measuring our heart before and after exercise and enjoyed mixing with the other year groups.

Yr6 Heart Fair

Harvest Time

The children enjoyed learning about what we harvest from the sea and how it is harvested. We made colourful fish on rods and sang the song '1,2,3,4,5' during the harvest assembly. We were very proud of them all. If you want to come and listen to a recording on the talking tins they are currently outside the classroom.

1,2,3,4,5 song

1,2,3,4,5 song 1


The children listened to the story 'Whatever Next' and decided bear was silly to use a colander as a helmet to keep dry. So we had to investigate different materials to see which ones would be waterproof. The children guessed the materials properties before actually experimenting outside on a real teddy.......or me! They concluded plastic was the best material.

Is it waterproof bear?

Is it waterproof bear? 1
Is it waterproof bear? 2
Is it waterproof bear? 3
Is it waterproof bear? 4
Is it waterproof bear? 5
Is it waterproof bear? 6


In our literacy lessons we have been looking at how instructions are written and what we have to do to follow them. We made some yummy ham and jam sandwiches using our instructions. We had lots of fun eating them as well as making them!

Sandwich making