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Who's Who

Mrs Lynsey Holzer

Executive Principal


Mrs Julia Halliday

Head of School

Mrs Sue Boor

Assistant Headteacher 

Lead Practitioner in English

Katy Molloy Inclusion Leader
Mrs Becky Clinton Lead Practitioner in Maths
Mrs Sarah Bayfield SENCO

Miss Jessica Peek

Reception Teacher

Miss Amanda Whiting

Reception Teacher. Early Years Leader



Mrs Jennifer Lewis

Year 1 Teacher

Miss Georgina Patterson

Year 1 Teacher



Mr James Hunton

Year 2 Teacher. KS1 Phase Leader (Temp).

PE Coordinator

Mr Tom Dyer

Year 2 Teacher



Ms Claire Woolley

Year 3 Teacher

Miss Fern Saunders

Year 3 Teacher



Mrs Linda Bolan Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Daniela Goodall

Year 4 Teacher


Miss Jade Hutchinson

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Lucy Smith / Mrs Gemma Oldman

Year 5 Teachers



Mrs Sue Boor

Year 6 Teacher

Mrs Dawn Burton

Year 6 Teacher, 


Mrs Caron Payne


Mrs Amanda Javes




Mr Leon Fox

Teaching Assistant

Breakfast Club Assistant

After School Club Assistant

Mr Daniel Smith

HLTA - Year 6

After School Club Leader

Miss Amber Collins

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Karen Simmonds Teaching Assistant

Mrs Claire Robson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lisa Godbold

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Anne Burden

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Joanne Edwards

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Dawn Childs

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Karen Oakley

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Bev Knights

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sam Rodwell

HLTA - Year 6

Mrs Kate Patterson

Teaching Assistant

Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs Louise Shilling

Teaching Assistant

Breakfast Club Assistant

Mrs Amy George

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jo Zipfel

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Micheale Burrows

Teaching Assistant



Mrs Emma Branch



Mrs Julie Coote

Office Manager

Miss Kristy Moore

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Christine Laws Finance and Admin Assistant



Mrs Jill Stafford

Pastoral Support Worker



Mr Daniel Stafford


Karen Simmonds Senior Midday Supervisor
Melvyn Hall Midday Supervisor
Dawn Scott Midday Supervisor
Linda Doddington Midday Supervisor
Hollie Ling Midday Supervisor
Felicity King Midday Supervisor
Tara Barnett Midday Supervisor
Donna Gee Midday Supervisor
Stacy Newrick  Midday Supervisor
Suffolk County Council Staff  
Mrs Sarah Hack Teacher in charge of the Resource Base for the Deaf
Mrs Lesley Coleman Sensory Support Practitioner
Miss Jo Walpole Sensory Support Practitioner
Mrs Lucy Parker Teacher in charge of the Speech and Language Unit
Mrs Carol Moore Sensory Support Practitioner
Mrs Donna Grant  Sensory Support Practitioner