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Share Afternoon Letter

Shakespeare Schools Visit and Permission Slip

Welcome to Year 5!


Welcome to upper key stage two. Your child will either be in Mrs Oldman's / Mrs Smith's or Miss Hutchinson's classes, supported by Mrs George and Mrs Shilling. You're welcome to browse both pages, which we will keep updated with news on our fantastic learning and upcoming events. 

Well done Year 5 on finishing your first half term. You put on a brilliant performance of The Great Big Onion yesterday at our Harvest Festival and we are so proud of all your hard work towards The Merchant of Venice. We can't believe we've managed to practise a whole run through! Don't forget your Tudor project homework over the holidays and get some rest ready for a busy next term promoting and performing our play, developing our maths skills and writing stories.
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Share afternoon

A big thank you to everyone who came to our share afternoon. Hopefully your Tudor bakes turned out as delicious as they looked!

Our Year 5 web made this afternoon. We've had a great first day. Well done everyone!

Our Year 5 web made this afternoon. We've had a great first day. Well done everyone! 1

Really looking forward to welcoming all the children back tomorrow in Year 5 - a hive of activity!

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We had a great transition Day

Key information in Year Five:


Useful websites:


Woodlands Junior:

Dance mat typing:


Try creating word clouds for great word choices: 

Maths Sphere:



Children will be soon given a fantastic Tudor houses project to complete by the end of October half term. So watch out everyone! Other homework information to be confirmed.



The books in our school library are arranged in alphabetical order. Children can pick both non-fiction and fiction books that interest them - and teachers will only guide children in their picking when it is appropriate. 

It is expected that children read at home, and it is always helpful for children to read with a parent or guardian where the adult can then question the child on what they have read. Feel free to write a comment in their homework diary to indicate you have read with your child. 

Your child will be given their reading journals early next week with more detailed year 5 reading expectations included.

PE and Swimming:

Children need to bring their PE kit into school every Friday for their PE lesson.

Swimming is on alternate Thursday's for each class.