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2ED Class Blog

Community Project - Day 1:

Today we visited some areas around school that we thought were a bit dull. We had 4 areas to choose from. Whilst we visited them we were thinking about some ideas to improve them. 

We came up with lots of ideas! We wanted to add in animals, an area to make dens, a greenhouse , a wildlife sanctuary, painting areas, a garden area where we could relax and a new pond.


We split into 4 groups and had an area each. We needed to say why our group's area should be chosen. We thought of lots of ideas and then presented them to the rest of the class.

We then voted which ideas were the best and decided we would choose the wildlife area.


We then made a mind map of all of our ideas to improve the wildlife area.

Community project - day 2:

First we looked at our school on google maps. It showed us an aerial view of our chosen area (the pond area). 

Then we had a drawing of the shape of the area. We each added some of our own ideas by drawing and colouring them. Then we put all of our ideas together and voted, using stickers, on which ideas were our favourite. We decided we'd like a pond with a fountain, a campfire and some outdoor games to keep us busy. 

Then we wrote some questions on post-it notes to ask if other children in the school would like our ideas too. We will send them around on a questionnaire.