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2EL Class Blog

Our area plans.

Community Project Day One. 

There are four areas in our school that have been chosen as areas that need to be improved. This morning we walked around each of the four areas to see how much space there was and what was already in that area. We got into four groups and each group was given one of the areas to focus on, we made a mind map of all of our ideas for our area, we then presented this to the rest of the class. Each group came up with so many wonderful and creative ideas that everyone in the school could enjoy including, outdoor bean bags for a quiet reading area, painted benches to improve the look of the picnic area and even ideas to transform our wildlife area into a fantastic, scientific discovery garden. 


Once we had presented our ideas to the rest of the class we all voted for the area that we wanted to focus on. The wildlife garden was the winner with 15 votes!


Finally, as a class, we put all of our ideas together to create our final mind map of ideas as to how we could transform the current wildlife area into an exciting, scientific discovery garden!



Community Project Day Two.


What a fun day we've had! Today we continued to work on our community project, we looked at an aerial view of our pond area,  we then had our own outline of the area to create our plan. We voted as a class for our top three things that we would like to include in the new pond area. We then drew pictures of everything we would like to include in the area and labelled them. 


There are some pictures above for you to see some of our amazing ideas. 


Finally we came up with some questions that we would like to ask the other children in the school such as 'would you prefer a bug hotel or a hedgehog house?' to make sure the area would be suitable to all of the children in the school, not just those in our class!