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3LO Community Project

Day 1 - 


We have been tasked with the challenge to redesign one of our communal spaces around school. Currently, there are four spaces that need some TLC and so we began the day by visiting each of them. As a year group, we began by exploring the pond area. We found this to be completely overgrown and currently unsafe to use. Afterwards, we went to the picnic area. We all love this area (especially in the summer when we can eat outside) but we think that it is a little boring and needs a lick of paint at least! Next, we went to the hall courtyard. The children had lots of great ideas for this area, but it is desperately in need of some weeding and some extra furniture. Lastly, we visited the KS1 courtyard. This was a very large space but is very empty. We wouldn’t have anything to do if we were in there.  

Back in the class, we began by looking at pictures of the area and shared ideas for how we could improve the areas using silent debate. We agreed with ideas that we thought were good and challenged those that we thought would be more difficult to bring to life. We respected everyone’s ideas.

We then voted for the area that we wanted to develop. In 3KM, the area that was chosen was the ‘Hall Courtyard’ – there was only one vote difference between the most popular are and the second most popular area. In 3LO, the area chosen was the ‘Picnic Area’. 2/3 of the class voted for the picnic area!

To finish the day off, both classes created a mind map to begin to think of ideas for how they are going to redesign their area.

Check back in a month for day 2!