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Autumn Community Project

Our Final Community Project Day!


What an incredible day it has been. The children have been absolutely amazing. 


We baked and decorated biscuits, made hot chocolate cones, made labels and posters! The children couldn't wait to sell these at the end of the school day, and they were really proud of all of the wonderful things that they had made. 


We also completed a sponsored walk on the school field. It was muddy and chilly but the children didn't complain and challenged themselves to do as many laps as possible in the time given. 


We raised over £270 for hearing dogs and guide dogs! Which is absolutely amazing. 


Thank you so much for all of your support!

Project Day (November 19th)


We have had another fantastic project day today. A couple of weeks ago we received a postcard from Ann, Daniel and Varley so we spent the first part of our morning making a thank you card to send to them. The children did some great drawings and wrote lovely messages of thanks. 


We watched a video all about Alma, the guide dog and her owner out for a walk, we thought about what obstacles we saw, what Alma did when she saw people, what she did when she came to the road side and what she did when she came to some steps. We then used a map of a town and planned a route for Alma, thinking about where there were obstacles. 


In the middle of a piece of paper we drew a picture of a dog and around the outside we came up with adjectives to describe the type of guide dog we would like to have. The children thought of lots of great adjectives including; sensible, calm, patient, clever, thoughtful and loving. 

Finally, we thought about how everyday activities would be different if we didn't have the use of one of our senses. We used blindfolds and the children had to listen to my instructions to try and draw the picture that I was describing to them. The children had lots of fun doing this activity but it made us realise how tricky it made a task, that they would normally have no problem completing!

Assistance Dogs.


For our first community project session we introduced our topic and as a class we voted for the puppy that we would like to sponsor. We also came up with some ways that we, as a class, could raise money to sponsor and support an assistance dog. 


We have had a fantastic and exciting second community project day. We started our morning by coming up with some questions that we would like to ask someone who has a support dog, then after break the children were surprised with a very special visitor. We had an ex pupil of the school come to visit us with his amazing support dog! The children were mesmerised and sat beautifully whilst we heard lots more about hearing dogs, how they are trained and the support they are able to provide. We asked our questions and found out lots of really fascinating information such as how much it costs to train a hearing dog (£40,000!), how the hearing dog alerts people who cannot hear alarms or the door bell and how the dogs are matched to the person based on their personalities! 


In the afternoon, we thought about our visiting dog's special coat and the children each designed their own. We also watched some videos about other types of support dogs, such as for people with disabilities and people with sight loss. Finally, we planned a route on a map and thought about the points within that journey where a support dog would need to assist their person. 

Very special visitors