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Blog 2018/19


Have a great half term everyone! 


This half term we have asked the children to either draw a picture of their house or bring a photograph in ready for Monday 3rd June to kick off our new topic 'Our Street'. 


Take care of your beans and watch what they grow into :) 





We have been given the fantastic opportunity to join the Seagull theatre and perform on the 5th of July! Save the date! More information to come soon! 



This half term we will be following the topic 'Enchanted Woodland'. This will entail learning all about plants and trees- how they grown, their parts and even growing our own. Last Thursday we planted our own broad beans, we went out to play and came straight back to see if they had grown! From here we learnt that they will grow gradually. Over the next few weeks we will be keeping a bean diary to explore how they change. 





Yesterday we had Sharon from FCC Environment to talk to us about recycling. We learnt about what we are able to recycle and how we can help the planet. One handy hint was that we could help our grown ups remember their bags when they go to the supermarket! 


We learnt about how much energy it takes for us to make 1 can and also how many hours we could watch the TV for from just recycling one can- 3 hours! 


Afterwards we played a game where we sorted out a dustbin full of rubbish into the right recycling tray. 


WOW! We have been busy already and it is only Wednesday! 1LS have had a class assembly where they talked all about the learning year 1 have been up to so far this half term.

We have had a brilliant English/phonics reading cafe with our grown-ups and we have been learning all about prepositions in maths and suffixes in English. 


We are really looking forward to meeting Suffolk Recycling Services tomorrow to help with our materials topic in science. 





The children have had another busy week in Year 1! 


Last Friday we came dressed up princess' or in red for Comic Relief. Some of us were even lucky enough to have a red nose. 


This week the children have been learning about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes sorting them differently and using reasoning skills as to why they have sorted them that way!


Miss Patterson's class reached Italy on their Reading Around the World trip so were treated to some yummy ice creams! Keep up the good work 1LS on reaching Egypt for an afternoon of arts and crafts! 



We have been very busy lately. Last week we all dressed up for World Book Day as characters from our favourite books. You all looked amazing! 


We went on a hunt around the school to complete the World Book Day quiz! 


In connection with reading we have chosen our destinations for Reading Around The World-

1P are going to Italy which is 886 miles away for a delicious ice cream treat and 1LS are off to Egypt which is 2149 miles away for a busy arts and crafts afternoon. Keep up the fantastic reading and work as a team to get to your destinations! 


This week we have engrossed ourselves into Science Week. Our focus has been journeys so we have been building our own rockets and as a year group we attempted to launch a rocket into space. We used vinegar and bicarbonate soda which reacted and exploded!! Although with Storm Gareth lurking it knocked our rocket over and we launched it across the playground and not into the sky! 



Today was Shrove Tuesday so we got busy and made some pancakes! First we learnt about why we make pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. They found out that because people give up things for Lent in previous times they were emptying their cupboards of all the rich foods. 


The children had great fun making the batter for pancakes and picking the toppings they prefer to put on. Some children even tried the pancakes even though they weren't sure on them, well done!



This half term we will be doing some computing on a Thursday afternoon. We are learning how to use Paint however we first wanted to explore and learn the components of a laptop. We used post it notes to label four different parts of the laptop:

1. Screen/display

2. Trackpad

3. Keyboard

4. Switch






What a busy few days we have had back already! The children have been working hard on their new books in RWI, using cubes, counters, paperclips and rulers to measure different objects around the classroom and they even had a present dropped off. 


On Monday we discovered part of the field was roped off, upon further inspection we realised a present had been dropped off for us. Inside it contained lots of random objects: ornaments, bags, spring, pieces of fabric and lots of other things. It came with a note that asked us what materials they were! We thought it might have been aliens. 


On Tuesday we went on a materials hunt around the schools grounds to see what materials are in our immediate environment. 


Today we have been measuring using rulers. The children are fantastic at recognising you need to measure from 0 cm. 



Wow what a busy week! We have had Miss Patterson's class assembly on Monday, RE day on Tuesday, our share event on Wednesday, Valentines day today and tomorrow is our Sign 2 Sing assembly. 


On Tuesday we had an RE day where we explored artefacts from different religions. We focused on Christianity, Judaism, Islamic and Buddhism. The children enjoyed looking at all the different artefacts from each religion and finding our their relevance. We did an artefact hunt where the children recorded their favourite from each religion. 


Our share event was fantastic on Wednesday! We were able to share some of our dinosaur learning with our grown ups that could come in. We made our own dinosaur fossils, dinosaur collage, imaginative writing, measuring HUGE footprints, sharing books and practising our fine motor skills. Thank you to everyone involved. 


Tomorrow is our Sign 2 Sing event. As a year group we have been working really hard to learn all the signs to Take That- Greatest Day. We are looking forward to sharing this with the Warren School. 


Half term project: 

Research and create a poster about your favourite dinosaur we’ve been learning about. Use the internet, visit the library or use what you’ve learnt this half term. Here are some dinosaurs to give you an idea:

Tyrannosaurus Rex




Please return by 25th February 2019.


Information for next half term: 

-Our topic will be 'Moon Zoom' where we will be learning all about famous astronauts- like Neil Armstrong, spacecraft, materials and what can be seen from outer space!

-Superworm by Julia Donaldson will be the focus for out story sessions. 

-5th March will be our next RE day where we will be thinking about Shrove Tuesday and the Easter story

-25th March is Mrs Lewis and Mrs Smith's class assembly. Please be prompt for a 3pm start. 

-26th March is our next share event, this will take place in the afternoon- more information soon. 

-28th March we have a workshop with Suffolk Recycling. 


After an amazing half term, have a super break! See you on Monday 25th February.

Dinosaur Share 13.2.19



What a fantastic week we have had this week. In our Maths we have been learning all about half. We were a little unsure to begin with but have mastered that a half has to be 2 equal parts. We explored this in relation to shape and also in relation to number.


On Tuesday we had a Safer Internet afternoon where we discussed which information we should 'keep to ourselves' or 'give away'. We thought about these things:

-Full name


-What I ate for breakfast

-The name of my school

-What colour my shoes are

-My address


Can you test your grown ups? What do they think?


Next week we will be continuing half and start to learn about quarters in Maths, have an exciting RE day as well as invite parents in for Miss Patterson's class assembly at 3pm on Monday and our share on Wednesday 13th between 10am and 11am. We hope to see you there!






Maths Cafe 30.1.19


We invited all our grown ups in to share some of the fantastic learning we have been doing on place value! We have been thinking about numbers within 50 to see how many tens and ones they have and the real value of them. We had lots of different stations set up ready for us to explore. 

Our Dinosaur Adventures February 2019


Africa Alive came to visit! They brought with them a range of animals for us to look at, handle, and observe. 


We met: Frankie the Millipede,  Charlie the hissing cockroach, Snappy the stuffed crocodile, Basil and Dawson the spiny bottomed mice and Badeelie the leopard tortoise.  


We went to the Dinosaur Park. The children braved the cold and learnt all about the different dinosaurs through the ages. A highlight for many of the Year 1 children was seeing just how huge the dinosaurs really were.  They were shocked when all 44 children were able to fit under the legs of an enormous brontosaurus. 


We had our first introduction to dinosaurs today when Mrs Burden kindly brought in her own children's fossil collection and images and shared them with the children. She even had half a real dinosaur tooth which was amazing and everyone had a chance to hold it! She is very knowledgeable and answered lots of enthusiastic questions...Some of the children asked: What do dinosaurs eat? Why do they have sharp claws? Do dinosaurs have hair? This has proven to be a great start to our topic and art work which we will begin with earnest! Watch this space.


We've had a wild start to the new term as we've been reading Where the Wild Things are by Maurice Sendak. We've been writing a character profile of our own version of a Wild Thing and made masks in preparation for our own wild rumpus. We've also been looking at different classifications of animals and focusing on addition and subtraction using the part/part/whole method (ask the kids!).  


Well done to all our fantastic elves in this years Christmas performance, you were super! Thanks to all who came to support the children (and adults!), it was much appreciated, and the children looked fab in their costumes. Santa would be proud smiley We had a lot of fun putting on the production for KS1 and the children worked hard to make a show they could be proud of. More photos to follow.....


Christmas preparations have begun! Today we made tree decorations based on the story The Queens Knickers by Nicholas Allan. The children found this highly amusing and produced some great designs for our wonderful school tree in the hall. We're thinking we might even send a letter to the Queen to see if she likes them!

Note- PE has changed to Wednesdays and Thursdays!

Children In Need Day 16.11.2018


We enjoyed using our maths and reading skills this week to make scary Halloween biscuits. 


We all had fun raising money for Age UK today as we 'Slipped into our slippers/ PJs'! Great effort Year One no

In art we have been learning about primary colours and printing. Today we explored mixing 2 primary colours and printing a background ready for next week. Look out for our finished prints around school!

5 October 2018

We've had a very busy few weeks learning about numbers, verbs and our environment. We've had fun playing games with number lines, adding and subtracting, and finding numbers that are less or more than each other. We have been reading the story Peace at Last and finding out why Mr Bear couldn't get to sleep, while also in Topic lessons discovering what causes shadows and why they change.

A few photos from our learning so far in Year 1. We've been making our brains grow!

Talk for writing.

Our First Week!


We've had a great first week in Year 1 settling in and learning our new routines. Thank you for helping the children to settle so quickly.


We've been helping our brains grow, discovering how we can make different numbers using our new maths trugs and learning lots of inspirational maths, we've been retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood and in phonics we've all been working very hard to improve our reading. We sure do work hard and if that wasn't enough, we've been dancing, printing, learning about the weather and enjoying learning about our world!


PE days- Thursday and Friday

Library- Friday


We all hope you have a fabulous weekend and the children can rest ready for a busy second week!no 

Welcome Back! 

Well the summer holiday has nearly finished and our exciting new school year is just about to begin. We are really looking forward to seeing you all again (we bet you've grown) and beginning all of our new topics. We know you are all going to learn lots this year and we can't wait to get started frown


Please remember your PE kits on Thursday as well as a water bottle with your name on it, and look out for some funny pictures of us both reading over the holidays on here or in the classroom!


See you on Thursday.