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Community Project

It's been another fantastic Community Project Day. Now that our area has been decided on, we have thought about the final ideas. Our day began with us going outside to measure up our area and thinking about what was already there. We then worked hard to draw out a map of our area using these measurements before brainstorming ideas. In small groups, we then came up with 5 final ideas which are to be voted on. Before we can vote, we need to know what would appeal to other children in the school so have created a survey for other classes to complete. 

Watch this space for day three when we will come to a final decision on our area!

Day one of our Community Project has been brilliant! The children have been tasked with planning a revamp for one of our communal areas in school; KS1 courtyard, Pond area, Picnic area or the Hall courtyard. The day started with watching videos of Mrs Burton's news reports from each area and finding out our challenge. After that, each class had the chance to go and visit each area and write down the things that were already there and any ideas we had for each area. Once each area had been investigated, we started a silent debate - writing down how each area looked currently and then our ideas and what could stand in our way. 


As a class, we brainstormed ideas of what each area could become taking into account that it needs to be suitable for all children in the school. The final task for the day was a vote - which area were we going to plan a revamp for? 4JH have chosen the KS1 Courtyard and 4HC have gone for the Picnic area. 


Watch this space for the outcomes of day 2 - we're already so excited to get stuck in!