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Monday and Tuesday 30th and 31st March 2020

Phonics/Spelling/Grammar Task:

Year 5 & 6 Words

On our webpage there is a sheet of spellings from the Year 5 & 6 list. Can you spot which ones are spelt correctly and which are incorrect?

List the words you think you can spell and ask someone to test you.

Now practise all the words you are unsure of by splitting them into syllables and using colour to separate the syllables e.g.

sep ar ate ly.



A Nuisance of Nouns

A poem called A Nuisance of Nouns:


A Nuisance of Nouns


Have a go at writing your own poem in the same style. One way is to use oxymorons (opposite ideas) e.g. a clump of ballerinas or a fury of hamsters! You could stick to a theme e.g. all animals or insects or sports.


Writing Task:


The link above will take you to a brilliant video clip which is a little scary. Watch it and then write an entry for Francis’ diary. This first entry should be written in her tent as she waits for her parents to go to sleep.


Think about the work we have been doing on character. She is a moody teenager - use her thoughts of what it is like to be camping with her parents to show what she is like.


Don’t forget, she doesn’t know what is about to happen so make her brave and reckless. Stop the entry as she is about to leave the tent.


Now edit! See the Learning Overview sheet.