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Greener Growth at Elm Tree

Welcome to our greener growth page which is here to keep you informed about all the environmental activities we are engaged in both at school and at other venues. 

This is a particularly exciting time because we are now officially twinned with Carlton Marshes. Look out for details of our poetry project which is coming soon. Pupils in Year 4 will visit Carlton Marshes to be inspired by the nature around them. They will use this inspiration and work with a professional poet to create some imaginative video poems which will be shared at the official opening of the new facilities at Carlton Marshes in June. Some of the expert staff at Suffolk Wildlife Trust will also be visiting Year 4 to help them with a unit of work this term which involves them working in groups to create a design for an area of our wildlife meadow. Pupils will then realise the winning design and plant seeds and care for the area. They will also be studying the impact that their planting has on the wildlife in the area, particularly the diversity of insect life. 


We have also added to our collection of heritage fruit trees kindly donated by Orchards East. We have recently planted over 30 more trees, with varieties of plums, apples, pears, cherries and greengages and we are looking forward to being able to harvest and share some fruit over the coming years. The Greener Growth company that we work with will be visiting school soon to help the pupils to mulch the trees and educate children in how to care for them and ensure that they thrive.