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Home Learning

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Maths Methods

Here are some useful resources to support learning at home. 


Phonics and Early Reading


Phonics Play


Phonics Bloom


Cbeebies- Alphablocks


Teacher Your Monster To Read (Website is free. Paid App)


Oxford Owl


Pobble 365

A fantastic resource to promote comprehension skills at home.



Mindfulness and Keeping Active


Smiling Mind

Short audio sessions to help with mindfulness.


Cosmic Yoga- Youtube

Yoga videos designed for children aged 3+


BBC Supermovers

Interactive videos to support with KS1- Maths, Literacy, PSHE and PE Learning.


Go Noodle- Youtube (More videos on their own website)

Hundreds of 'brainercise', dancing, strength and mindfulness videos- as well as videos that are 'just for fun'.


BBC Newsround

Keeping children up to date with the world around them- creating opportunities to talk about news with children.




Maths and Science


Prodigy Maths



Many of these games are problem solving tasks. If you access the 'Getting started' link to see how to present the problem and the 'Solution' link this will give you an idea of the purpose and end target.



This is a simple hundred square online. You can use this with your child to count forwards/backwards from any given number, count in 2's/5's/10's, take turns counting (counting choir), add, subtract, splat odd/even numbers, notice patterns when you're counting (for example looking at where the numbers fall in the columns and rows), recognise numbers (you could ask your child to splat the number you call out).




Cbeebies- Numberblocks 


Explorify for Science


ICT Games





Take a look at some top museums that are offering online tours and exhibits.




BBC Bitesize




BBC Bitesize




BBC Bitesize