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Which house are you?




Welcome to Neptune House. Like Neptune the Greek god of the sea, our house represents might, bravery and intellect. Our colour is blue, we play fair and you can find our crest on the banner in the school hall. Neptune is heavily involved in all of these competitions and always strives to achieve. It also ties in with the reward system (namely house points) - which, as well as building up to a certificate like before, will contribute to the house points for your form. The teachers in Neptune are always encouraging students to achieve for themselves as individuals and as a house. Neptune students find this makes lessons that little bit more interesting.




Welcome to Saturn. At Elm Tree Primary School and in Saturn House we strongly believe in high standards and the pursuit of excellence. The key to this is reflected in our motto “participation to reach potential”. The House System is proving to be a popular part of school life at Elm Tree Primary School. There are a wide range of events contested by the four Houses and wherever possible all events are contested by all year groups. 




Welcome to Venus. Determined, hard working and loyal, Venus students strive to succeed. Venus produces strong leaders, showing others the way forward and never giving up. We are committed to ensuring that every student gets the most out of their time here, achieves success and feels proud to be part of Venus and of Elm Tree Primary School.  This year Venus is working hard to collect as many house points as possible  through good work, behaviour and participation in class, house events and whole school events.




Welcome to Earth. Earth has proven to be a house with a very high level of ability, talent, and commitment to a whole range of activities offered to pupils at Elm Tree Primary School. The team of staff that represent Earth are both dedicated and hard working, ensuring that all the pupils in their house succeed in every way possible.