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Keeping us all connected

Welcome to our 'keeping connected' page.  In this unprecedented time of distance we will use this post to share videos and photos of the work that you are all doing at home.  We miss you all greatly and can't wait to be altogether again. 

Hermione in 3KM checked in with Miss Molloy today to share all of her learning. She sent a lovely email to tell her all the things that she has been doing which included have a playdoh FaceTiming session with her cousins. She made giant snails, flowers and worms which fits in perfectly with our 'plants' topic. She also said that she wished that she could help the NHS and was busily creating a picture to sent to the Nightingale Hospital. This is a fantastic idea because the hospital are hoping to receive lots of pictures to decorate their ward. 

Connie and Mrs Branch's jigsaw - Sherlock Holmes themed as you might expect!

Connie and Mrs Branch's jigsaw - Sherlock Holmes themed as you might expect! 1

It was great to hear from Aleaha in 3KM today. She has been trying hard with her learning and has also created a greenhouse out of old battery box. Using it she is trying to grow four sunflower seeds that she got from some of her bird's food. Already, she has one that has started to shoot so she is very happy. This is a perfect activity as we have started our topic on 'plants'. I have suggested that she might want to start keeping a diary of the progress that they make. It would be interesting to see all the changes that happen over the next few week. 

Even more exciting than that, Aleaha's sibling is due in 8 days time! Wishing the family all the best for the new arrival. 

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It was lovely to hear from Harry and Ollie J today. They have both been busy with their work and Harry has particularly enjoyed the maths work and has been using the uploaded videos to help him. The family has been getting involved with the Joe Wicks exercise videos and I was exhausted by just looking at their video. Their daily exercise has been going out on their bikes in the countryside. 
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Picture 2

Harry and Ollie J

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Enya has been learning to sign!

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Enya, in Year 1, has been working hard these last two weeks!

Lucas (Y6) - English diary extract and Science certificate

Lucas (Y6) - English diary extract and Science certificate 1
Lucas (Y6) - English diary extract and Science certificate 2
Hermione, in 3KM, had a very creative day. She used paper to make a school of salmon. She then used objects from around her house to create perfect scenery for them. 
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Picture 2
Picture 3


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Kobie, in Year 1, has also been super busy using different materials to make a musical instrument and writing a list of the materials and equipment he needed. Great bullet points!

Charlie, in Year 1, has been keeping super busy. He has been doing his home learning, which has been to make an musical instrument, using different materials and write some instructions. He has made a great start writing a list of the equipment he has used. He has also been exploring other activities in the afternoon. Take a look at what he has been up to!


Olivia C (Y6) has created a questionnaire for her mum to take into her workplace - a care home. She was inspired by our WWII topic and the work on Rose Blanche:


Hi, my name is Olivia. At school I was learning about WW2 and the Holocaust.

We have been reading about a girl called Rose Blanche. She lived in Germany and saw children being captured and taken away to a concentration camp. So, she followed the truck and saw lots of children behind barbed wire, one of the children said they were hungry then she remembered she had a slice of bread in her bag and passed it though the fence. Every day after school she would bring bread and apples to the camp and give it to them so they could eat. It was very lucky that she didn't get caught otherwise she would have been killed. Rose sadly got shot and died in a crossfire while taking food over to the children.


I would really like to know about your life in the war:

What is your name?

Where did you live?

How old were you in the war?

What food did you eat?

What did you do for fun?

What did you do for a job?

Did you know about the concentration camps? How did that make you feel?

What was it like in the war?


Thank you for answering my questions.

We hope to hear about the answers Olivia gets and will upload them if we are able to.


Isla (Y6) - Rose Blanche Synopsis 


Rose Blanche Synopsis

I think it was symbolic because spring represents a new beginning and a change: when the flowers start to bloom.

At the end of the World War 2, English became the predominant second language of Europe.

The Nazi party, who were a part of Germany, despised the Jewish people. They held Jewish people in concentration camps to later be killed in gas chambers. This was often done in large groups, in small cage like buildings. Therefore, if Rose Blanche was a Jew she would be killed like all the others.

I think Rose Blanche, was selfless and brave. She risked her life to give as many people as possible, in the concentration camp, food. If she was caught she could have been potentially killed.

by Isla 

Casey (Y6) - Maths Home Learning 2

Freya Be (Y6) - Descriptive Writing Home Learning


Danger in a Safe Place

A gloomy, dark night falls upon the girl and her dog. From the safety of her small tent, to the broad lake in which her boat (Luna) sways gently in water, a world of mystery lay before her. She slowly ventures out into the unknown, heading towards the lake. The trees tower over the young woman as shivers creep down her spine whilst the wind tickles her ice-cold ankles. She almost screamed in terror, she was on the verge of crying her eyes out. Willow (her adorable dog) licks the girl's legs as an attempt to comfort her owner (Emma). Emma felt as if the woods were trying to eat her whole, draw the life from her slim body, suck out her soul. This though made her squeal in fear.

By Freya Be


Conagh (Y6) - Busy Home Learning

Charles (Y6) - Propaganda Poster Home Learning

Charles (Y6) - Propaganda Poster Home Learning 1

Mia (Y6) - Maths Home Learning

Casey (Y6) - Maths Home Learning

Charlie (6S) building a working, scaled-down V8 engine