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Keeping us all connected Summer Term 2020 - Lockdown 1

Welcome to our 'keeping connected' page.  In this unprecedented time of distance we will use this post to share videos and photos of the work that you are all doing at home.  We miss you all greatly and can't wait to be altogether again. 

Year 1 Aidan


Aidan has improvised and built numbers using his tens and ones! Fantastic job!

A huge well done...

A HUGE well done to Phoebe-Louise and Evelyn-Rose for raising £200.01 for Africa Alive and Banham Zoo! Wow! Concerned about the plight of the animals because of the zoo closures, the girls decided to bake some cakes and sell them to relatives and friends to raise some money. What a fantastic achievement! You should both be incredibly proud of yourselves! smiley yes

Faith 3GC

Faith has been busy over the last few weeks. She has learnt to cook pancakes, spent time bike riding, swimming and searching for seals. Faith has also concentrated really hard on an art project. Well done Faith!

Ashton 3GC

Ashton has been working hard again this week. He has researched facts about cheetahs and created his own fact sheet. He has created a map that uses parallel, perpendicular, horizontal and vertical lines as well as different types of angles.

Poppy 3GC

Ashton 3GC

Ashton has been working hard on some extra Science at home. After learning about the human skeleton, he decided to make his own moving skeleton!

Nathan (6DB) Solved the Maths Murder Mystery

4OC - Lily's story 'The Whale's Tale'

Ashton's story

Year 4

Year 4 have had a fantastic first week back with their home learning. Sophie has been learning Spanish colours and even found a way to work with her friends using Zoom. She's also made a start on our new project and has investigated the weight of gas in a variety of fizzy drinks. Moses and Hannah have been writing stories and Hannah has completed an evaporation investigation. Meanwhile, Noah has been spending lots of time perfecting his handwriting and used it to write a report about a character.

Year Six - Freya B's Noun Swap Work

The Deathday Wake 

Santa arrived, spreading a damp chill over the bodies and into the coffins. Doctor Death, the funeral director, was kept busy by a sudden spate of deaths among the adults and children. Her bringing back the dead serum worked instantly, though it left the drinker steaming from the butt for several hours afterward. Millie-rose Brown, who had been looking pale, was bullied into taking some by Wilson. The steam pouring from under her vivid butt made it look like her whole body was on fire. 


Ash the size of hundreds and thousands thundered on the coffin lids for days on end; the piles rose, the ashes turned into mountains, and Doctor Death's Graveyard swelled to the size of a castle. Ralph Whites enthusiasm for regular killing sessions, however, was not dampened, which was why G was to be found, one late windy monday morning a few days before Autumn break, returning to his small hut, drenched to the skin and splattered with blood.    

Ollie has written an exciting story with dragons! He has also been investigating the what happens to different liquids when you freeze them.

Aidan has completed the Year 1 Facebook challenge. He has chosen to create a dragonfly with an equal amount of natural materials on each half. Fantastic!

5BC- Millie investigated the freezing points of various liquids around her house including ketchup and red wine!

Jude has been working really hard on researching his favourite animal- sharks. He has presented his information clearly and read it to his Dad- who is very frightened of sharks! Well done.
Scarlett has been working really hard on her home learning! She has even been growing her own seeds in the garden, well done!
Amelia has produced some fantastic research into meerkats after reading/listening to Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett. Amelia has been working really hard on her handwriting and letter formation. Well done!

Year Six - James' WW2 Anderson Shelter


Jayden has written some lovely alliterative sentences.


Ayda has been busy learning about the months of the year.


Ethan has been working very hard on his learning this week.

Poppy has been busy!

Poppy has found flowers to freeze in ice, completed instructions and made corn flake cakes and used alliteration in her writing this week.

Jack has been busy working his way through his maths!

Amelia has been busy writing her comic strip from the book she recently read. Fantastic use of conjunctions. 
Lewis has been busy writing his postcards, using his sky scanner on his walk and doing some Maths on capacity from the paper. 

Life skills, evolution and V.E. celebrations for Conagh

Morgan has worked so hard on his summer 1 project based on Lowestoft. His final project is fantastic, well done! 

Florence has been practising her Times Tables

Elijah - Year 3

It was so good to hear from Lucy in 3KM. She has been so busy since school closed. She has worked so hard to complete all the work she has been set and I am very proud of her outcomes. She has also been practising her drawing skills, has been growing strawberries and has been helping her family with chores. Keep up the good work Lucy. 

Lacie and Charlie practising Spanish

Still image for this video

Year Six - Daisy's Book Review and Question Answers

Year 5

Still image for this video
Today is definitely Spanish day in Year 5. Here's Millie introducing herself!

Year 5

Still image for this video
Phoebe has been experimenting with some Spanish! What is she saying?

Year 5

Still image for this video
Evie has been busy learning Spanish; numbers and alphabet and then some Spanish greetings!
Emilia has sent us an update of her lockdown learning. She has been keeping up with some reading, taking her exercise- where she even spotted a snake!- growing some seeds and been keeping busy with her younger brother. 

Evolution Year 6

It has been lovely to receive an update from Katie. She has been busy with her writing, phonics and topic learning. On top of all that her tooth has fallen out so she decided to share a book about this. Let's hope the tooth fairy is still operating!

Year 5 Coasts: Georgia revamped a plant pot using shells that she found on the beach!

Ronnie's learning at home (RFS)

It was lovely to get an update from our lovely Ronnie; loving the creative ways of learning Maths and Literacy! Keep up the good work my friend. Miss Saunders laugh

Ethan's learning at home (RFS)

A lovely update of what Ethan has been up to at home. I am amazed at his brilliant tuff tray! It's exactly like the ones we have at school. He has his very own small world play and I am rather jealous! Looks like SO much fun. I'm pleased you are enjoying our 'Mad about animals' topic laugh

Leo's learning at home (RFS)

Another wonderful update from Leo. We really do enjoy seeing all of the lovely activities you are getting up to at home! Miss Saunders is really jealous of the farm animal models you have made; they are super cute! 

Corey's learning at home (RCH)

It has been lovely receiving photos of all the wonderful activities and learning that Corey has been doing at home. From practising phonics, to learning all things Maths, to baking, creating and exploring our new topic - Mad about animals!

We can tell from the smiles you're having a great time at home! Thanks for keeping us updated laugh

Year 4 Poetry

Year 4 were tasked this week with writing a poem about life during these strange times. Sophie chose to write her poem about the things she has been up to whilst at home. Hannah wrote hers with her family about how they are all feeling. 

Austin 3GC

Austin has been busy measuring the perimeter of lots of household items this week.

Creative Work from Lucy in 4OC

Jimmy's VE Medal Design

Charlie in Year 1 has been super busy. He has been researching different types of animals as part of his Topic work, clapping (banging with pots!) for the NHS, completing a coronavirus diary, colouring in our Facebook activity sheet for VE day, taking his daily walks, cooking, experimenting and crafting! All of this on top of handwriting, spelling and math. Keep up the great work!

Year 6: Writing using juxtapositions

Year 6 Mini-Sagas (50 words exactly)

Georgia's coastline formation diagrams

Hermione, in 3KM, continues to be a busy bee! She has been practising the calculation of perimeter by measuring objects around her house. She has also been testing magnetic things around the home and then seeing how much weight 4 toilet roll holders can take.. 36 books.. and a Hermione! How amazing is that! 

Hermione's also been busy building her lighthouse for her project. She also had a Mexican party the other, which looks brilliant! 


Mils, 3KM, has been busy practising her spellings

Malachi in Year 1 has been very busy using the scales to order the weight of different objects in his house. He has then ordered them in the correct order of weight. Fantastic job!

Phoebe, who has been incredibly busy painting and creating, always finds the time to collect the eggs from her chickens every morning!

It was great to hear all about Jimmy's amazing home learning today. He has been working hard in all his subjects since the closure of school and sent in photographs of all his learning so far. Well done Jimmy!

Agatha's learning at home (RFS)


It was lovely to learn about all the activities and learning that Agatha has engaged with at home!

She has created her own perfume (which I'd love to be able to smell!), chalked outside with her siblings, helped with the DIY, completed lots of lovely arts and crafts; including her own sock puppet! I am super pleased with how Agatha is getting on laugh

Leo's learning at home (RFS)


I am extremely proud of how busy Leo has been at home. He has completed many wonderful learning activities; from writing a thank you card to our police, to helping Dad in the garden, creating his own 2d farm with 3d animals! He explored estimation in Maths and he continues to practice his reading! His little sister has also enjoyed the farm animals learning alongside Leo - what a great role model!

One very proud teacher laugh

3GC have been busy this week! Ethan has finished reading 'The Twits' and completed lots of times tables work. Ayda has been practising her handwriting and it is looking amazing! Jack has been practising his times tables and has been researching a boat that belonged to his Grandad. He even used purple pen to edit his Grandad's writing! Poppy has completed her work on fractions and practised her spellings too. Well done everyone!

Harry’s tadpoles!

What a fortunate coincidence that Harry’s reading task about frogs and tadpoles matched what is happening in his garden pond at the moment! 🐸 

Year 5 weekly challenge

Well done to Kris and Carl who completed the Year 5 weekly challenge. They also correctly completed the additional challenge to find the total distance around the UK. 🎏 🏝 

Year Six (DS) - Ryan's Poetry

Year Six (DS) - Roxxie's Maths: Area & Perimeter

Isabelle, in 3KM, has been very busy with her home learning and doing extra work from books she has at home. She has been doing lots of reading, including reading Harry Potter. She completed year 3's weekly Facebook challenge this week and even created her own. Well done Isabelle. 

Edward has been working really hard on creating a PowerPoint presentation all about geckos.

Mia's Book Review

Kai has been busy this week making a fantastic castle and a super drawing of his body!

6DB Freya's Amazing Heart Cake

6DB Freya's Gym of Dread

Letter to Captain Tom - Maggie Year 6

6DB Ben's Diffusion Experiment

Still image for this video
Ben used food colouring to show the diffusion of oxygen across the lung membrane, when we breathe in, to oxygenate our blood.

Daniel Jillings, a former Elm Tree student, has taken part in his own 26 challenge - please see below his YouTube video link and his 'Just Giving' page:

Daniel is Deaf and a full BSL user. Whilst he is proud of his deaf identity and language, deafness had a huge impact on sleep and school life, including being able to make friends, as he has few friends who can sign.  He was matched with his hearing dog, Varley, in 2016 and since then his life has been transformed. Now he is able to sleep knowing that Varley is there beside him. He feels safe knowing that Varley will alert him to danger and wake him in the morning when the alarm goes off. 

Daniel has grown in confidence and independence since he has had Varley at his side. Varley is a very special part of our family, he is Daniel's best friend, helping him to leave loneliness behind.

'Hearing Dogs' rely on donations to train amazing dogs like Varley, the Coronavirus outbreak will affect all fundraising activity so please give a little if you can. 

Daniel has created a signed clip, showing signs for the finger spelt alphabet and 26 signs linked to lock-down. He would love you to watch, enjoy and learn a few signs, regardless of whether you can donate at this time.

Year Six (DS) - Ryan's clay heart - still to be painted and varnished

Jayden has written a setting description for the park in 'Hodgeheg' which is our current class book in Year 3. He has tried really hard to vary his sentence openers.


4JH have been busy again. Sophie has been completing tasks from our project and has created a poster with instructions on brushing our teeth. Chloe has been working hard on her maths, completed her crossword all about our teeth and has made cinema boxes for herself and some friends. Sophie has still been able to have Brownie meetings online so has been busy with school work and completing tasks to earn badges. She also made a lovely banner for her Nanny and Grandad.

A fantastic castle made by Harley this week, well done!

As part of her project, Mils worked with her dad to create a fishing vessel

Florence has been mastering her fraction skills

As part of her Year 5 project about Coasts, Mia has used string to create the coastal outline of the UK and identified the locations of some seaside resorts.

Amelia, in Year 1, has been working hard on her writing based around the book 'The Smartest Giant in Town' written by Julia Donaldson. 
Reece in Year 1 has been busy colouring in this picture of a dinosaur, he thought carefully about the bird and coloured the stomach in red like a robin. 
Aidan in Year 1 has been paying particular attention to the crochet bobble blanket that his Mum has been busy making. Aidan looked closely at a row of 4 bobbles where he explained that double 4 is 8 and half of 8 is 4. He also took on the challenge to count the bobbles and found there to be 69. Great work!

Year 6 - Conagh's Bloodheart Project and Home Learning

Year Six (DS) - Freya's hand-drawn, coloured and scientifically annotated heart

Year Six (DB) - Conagh's Maths

Morgan - 3KM

I have been so proud of how hard Morgan has worked since school closed. He has been working hard in all subjects and has even researched other topics that we are not studying - but that interest him. Well done Morgan! As a treat this weekend, his mum asked him to name something that he would like to do. Morgan decided to become a gardener for the day and planted some seeds and added lights to his garden. He also created a fantastic NHS rainbow at the front of his house. 

Hermione - The Last Castaways "Sea Door"



Max in Year 1 has been making a word search around one of his favourite TV programmes, 'Henry Danger'. He has used character names to create the word search. Can you find any?



Kobie has been busy again! This time he has been experimenting with a homemade tin can phone! He even taught Mrs Lewis that when you listen through a closed door the sound is muffled! 


Keep up the great work!

Poppy Lincoln in Year 3 has created a word search based on Henry Danger. Can you find the words?

Ayda has been working hard on her maths and handwriting this week.

Evie in Year 5 has been busy working on her Maths and English.  She has written a great short story about a floating sheep and been working incredibly well on Maths work on fractions and decimals. Keep it up Evie!




Tom Gates Book Review

Charlie has reviewed a Tom Gates book that he has just finished if you are stuck in choosing your next read.


Jayden in Year 3 has continued a story and applied lots of grammar skills he has been learning in the week.


Creating a music video - Lucas 6DB

Imagine the story in Lucas' sequence of pictures to the song.

Bloodheart Experiment - Lucas 6DB

Is it better out than in?

Year 4 have been enjoying learning about the digestive system. Moses and Sophie have found out all about our teeth and their jobs. Noah has started an investigation into what different drinks do to our teeth and has even made predictions about each drink and Hannah has discovered how our digestive systems work by making poo! 

Katie in Year 1 has been learning her spellings, well done! 
Scarlett in Year 1 has been very busy with her home learning. From daily Read Write Inc lessons, Pe with Joe Wicks, learning to tell the time with her sibling and having some fun with some craft. Lovely to see! 
Reece in Year 1 has been keeping very busy baking some delicious cakes, yum!

Morgan's Creative Book Review: Peril in Paris by Katherine Woodfine

Erica's Creative Book Review

Isabelle has been very busy, learning about our bodies and different bones and organs that make up the human body, with assistance of her dad, she made a 3D model. She also completed some fraction questions and maths questions and used her workings to show her mum that she was getting the correct answers. Recently, she read a book called "Little Miss Stubborn and the unicorn" and wrote her own book review based on it. 
As a family, they have been playing lots of board games and Isabelle has been getting lots of exercise in her garden and riding her bike. Well done Isabelle, keep up all your hard work!


Jake has been learning how to cook and has created this delicious carbonara dish from scratch! 

Poppy Year 3

Poppy has been working really hard on her maths tasks this week. She has completed questions about fractions and made her very own times tables revision poster.

Charlie Year 3

Charlie has been practising using inverted commas correctly. He has also completed another reading book and worked hard on his maths tasks.

Year Six (DS) - Freya's Bloodheart Wordsearch

Morgan, in 3KM, has already been busy researching our new project, "Is Lowestoft the place to be?".  I know he has been working so hard on his home learning since school closed and I am very proud of his outcomes. 

Reception RFS


Children have been working hard and finding time for lots of fun activities as well as completing their home learning tasks. Sophie has been making sausage rolls and painting the windows using bright colours, Moses has been practising his times tables, Sophie has been making chocolate treats and Hannah has enjoyed reading to her cat Bobby in the conservatory!

Year 6


Whilst reading material might be in short supply, it is a great opportunity to read books that you might otherwise not have chosen. Lucas has read a novel called 'I am David' by Anne Holm. It was published in 1963 and is a powerful story about a boy who escapes a concentration camp. Lucas has written a book review about the story.




In our project, we challenged Year 6 to create a model of the heart from anything at home. Lucas chose Lego. It is fabulous!




Year Six (DS) - Mason:

Mason has been very busy helping his dad build a summer house - WOW! He measured all of the wood for the frame, used a variety of tools, felted the roof, nailed on the outside cladding, helped with the electrics inside, covered the floor in concrete and has shown great pride in every aspect. Not only that, Mason has been learning to cook meals and helping with planting flowers in the garden. Alongside all of this Mason has found the time to build his own bike!

It was lovely to receive an email update from Mils in 3KM today. She sent a lovely letter attached to her email updating us on what she has been doing as well as sending her spelling work and some poetry she has written. Well done Mils, keep up all your hard work. 

Harley should be very proud of himself for producing a beautiful poster and completing a times tables challenge in just 22 minutes!

Eliza has been busy with her measuring task today, well done!

Reception's pattern work

Year Six (DS) - Freya's model heart and representation of blood's components through Lego:


Cameron, in 3KM, has been busy trying to improve his handwriting by practising lots. He has also been learning all about plants as part of our last topic. 

Year Six (DS) - Freya's Discussion Text                      

Planning and writing my discussion text on homeschooling. 


Positives of homeschooling: 

* flexible hours 

* more familiar with the surroundings 

* more free time for hobbies/spending time with family 

* can work at a pace that is suitable for them 

* do not have to work out ways for the child to travel to school

* no money needs to be spent on school uniform 


Negatives of homeschooling: 

* lacks social skills for the future

* more distractions at home than at school 

* one parent can’t work because they have to teach the child 

* seen as a parent can't work, not enough money can come into the home 

* may not have suitable equipment 

* can get sick of being stuck with a parent so life away from school can become tricky 



In this piece of text I will be relaying the reasons why people think homeschooling is a good idea and also why others disagree and believe that it isn't a good idea. I trust that this text will help you make your own opinion on the subject known as homeschooling.  


1st paragraph:

To begin, when you are homeschooling only one parent is able to work because the other one has to teach and look after the child/children, therefore not enough money is able to come into the home. That means that you may not be able to provide the child/children with the correct learning equipment, so they will not have the full potential in learning. Whereas, when they are at school both parents can work whilst the child/children are at school.  


2nd paragraph:

When children are at school, hours are not flexible but when they are at home their hours can be flexible. In real life, after your time at school is over, you can't always choose when you work you just have to work so if they are to stick to a timetable in their younger years they will be used to it. On the other hand, flexibility can be rather important for doing activities outside of school or spending time with family. This also helps you with time management allowing you to spread out the work evenly within the time that you have.  


3rd paragraph:

Whilst working at home there will probably be a large number of distractions such as a phone, an iPad, television or a laptop/computer, these items can stop you from completing your work. Whereas, in schools these distractions are not available, therefore, it will be significantly easier to concentrate. On the other hand,if you are homeschooling, you can remove those distractions during the school day so they aren't a hindrance. Although, if a parent/guardian does decide to do this the child/children may become annoyed or upset with them, for this reason the relationship between them may become complicated.



Finances, flexibility, distractions. These are all important elements of homeschooling, there are always positives and negatives to things and homeschooling is one of those things. Homeschooling is different for everyone and may suit some more than others, we all have our own opinion on homeschooling.


Year Six (DB) - An Anderson Shelter created by Lucas

Year Six (DS) - Freya's Anderson Shelter

Ethan's learning at home (RFS)

Still image for this video
Here is a wonderful video of Ethan mastering the skill of using scissors safely. We are super proud of you, Ethan!

Theodore's learning at home (RCH)

Harvey's Andersen Shelter

Mia, in Year 6, has created her Nuisance of Nouns poem. She has used an alphabetical structure to order her unusual collective nouns. Great vocabulary Mia!


We've received a lovely update from Morgan in 3KM. He has been busy working with Mum on his Maths learning this week. He has also completed some work on improving his self-confidence. It is very important for everyone to feel proud of who they are and what they've achieved, especially at the moment when things are very different to what we are used to. His next challenge is to work on his handwriting, which he was making lots of progress with before school closed and, with a little more practice, he will continue to do so. 
This week, Year 3 have been working on adventure stories. Mils has emailed hers and it is definitely worth a read. Well done Mils!

Lucy, in 3KM, has shared some of her home learning so far. She has been busy practising all of her times tables, which is a brilliant skill to focus on as that will help with the rest of her Maths learning. She has also completed some English description work and has included lots of 2A sentences, well done! Her next challenge is to also include time conjunctions and fronted adverbials. Lucy also adapted Miss Saunders' popcorn game so that she had questions that were more appropriate to her year group - what a great idea! Keep up all the good work Lucy! 


Harry B, in 3KM, has been busy at home baking and creating bubbles using a bottle and a sock. It was really easy to create and lots of fun. 

Harry B

Still image for this video

Hermione, in 3KM, checked in with Miss Molloy today to share all of her learning. She sent a lovely email to tell her all the things that she has been doing, which included have a playdoh FaceTiming session with her cousins. She made giant snails, flowers and worms, which fits in perfectly with our 'plants' topic. She also said that she wished that she could help the NHS, which is a very kind thought. To feel more in touch with school, she has been wearing her school uniform and is currently missing school, as are we all! 

Connie and Mrs Branch's jigsaw - Sherlock Holmes themed as you might expect!

It was great to hear from Aleaha in 3KM today. She has been trying hard with her learning and has also created a greenhouse out of an old battery box. She is using it to try to grow four sunflower seeds that she got from some of her bird's food. Already she has one that has started to shoot, so she is very happy. This is a perfect activity as we have started our topic on 'plants'. I have suggested that she might want to start keeping a diary of the progress that they make. It would be interesting to see all the changes that happen over the next few weeks. 

Even more exciting than that, Aleaha's sibling is due in 8 days time! Wishing the family all the best for the new arrival. 

It was lovely to hear from Harry and Ollie J today. They have both been busy with their work and Harry has particularly enjoyed the maths work and has been using the uploaded videos to help him. The family has been getting involved with the Joe Wicks exercise videos and I was exhausted by just looking at their video. Their daily exercise has been going out on their bikes in the countryside. 

Harry and Ollie J

Still image for this video

Enya has been learning to sign!

Still image for this video

Enya, in Year 1, has been working hard these last two weeks!

Lucas (Y6) - English diary extract and Science certificate

Hermione, in 3KM, had a very creative day. She used paper to make a school of salmon. She then used objects from around her house to create perfect scenery for them. 


Still image for this video
Kobie, in Year 1, has also been super busy using different materials to make a musical instrument and writing a list of the materials and equipment he needed. Great bullet points!

Charlie, in Year 1, has been keeping super busy. He has been doing his home learning, which has been to make an musical instrument, using different materials and write some instructions. He has made a great start writing a list of the equipment he has used. He has also been exploring other activities in the afternoon. Take a look at what he has been up to!


Olivia C (Y6) has created a questionnaire for her mum to take into her workplace - a care home. She was inspired by our WWII topic and the work on Rose Blanche:


Hi, my name is Olivia. At school I was learning about WW2 and the Holocaust.

We have been reading about a girl called Rose Blanche. She lived in Germany and saw children being captured and taken away to a concentration camp. So, she followed the truck and saw lots of children behind barbed wire, one of the children said they were hungry then she remembered she had a slice of bread in her bag and passed it though the fence. Every day after school she would bring bread and apples to the camp and give it to them so they could eat. It was very lucky that she didn't get caught otherwise she would have been killed. Rose sadly got shot and died in a crossfire while taking food over to the children.


I would really like to know about your life in the war:

What is your name?

Where did you live?

How old were you in the war?

What food did you eat?

What did you do for fun?

What did you do for a job?

Did you know about the concentration camps? How did that make you feel?

What was it like in the war?


Thank you for answering my questions.

We hope to hear about the answers Olivia gets and will upload them if we are able to.


Isla (Y6) - Rose Blanche Synopsis 


Rose Blanche Synopsis

I think it was symbolic because spring represents a new beginning and a change: when the flowers start to bloom.

At the end of the World War 2, English became the predominant second language of Europe.

The Nazi party, who were a part of Germany, despised the Jewish people. They held Jewish people in concentration camps to later be killed in gas chambers. This was often done in large groups, in small cage like buildings. Therefore, if Rose Blanche was a Jew she would be killed like all the others.

I think Rose Blanche, was selfless and brave. She risked her life to give as many people as possible, in the concentration camp, food. If she was caught she could have been potentially killed.

by Isla 

Casey (Y6) - Maths Home Learning 2

Freya Be (Y6) - Descriptive Writing Home Learning


Danger in a Safe Place

A gloomy, dark night falls upon the girl and her dog. From the safety of her small tent, to the broad lake in which her boat (Luna) sways gently in water, a world of mystery lay before her. She slowly ventures out into the unknown, heading towards the lake. The trees tower over the young woman as shivers creep down her spine whilst the wind tickles her ice-cold ankles. She almost screamed in terror, she was on the verge of crying her eyes out. Willow (her adorable dog) licks the girl's legs as an attempt to comfort her owner (Emma). Emma felt as if the woods were trying to eat her whole, draw the life from her slim body, suck out her soul. This though made her squeal in fear.

By Freya Be


Conagh (Y6) - Busy Home Learning

Charles (Y6) - Propaganda Poster Home Learning

Mia (Y6) - Maths Home Learning

Casey (Y6) - Maths Home Learning

Charlie (6S) building a working, scaled-down V8 engine