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Phases of the Moon

In Enquiry, we are learning about Space. We have spent some time looking at the order of the planets and the way that they orbit the sun. Did you know that Saturn has 82 moons?! 

After we were confident with the order of the planets, we moved onto the moon. We have learned that Earth has its own Moon. The orbit of our moon and it's position in relation to the Sun makes the Moon look different each night. In small teams, we worked together to recreate the phases of the Moon using Oreos. 

Place Value Madness

We have continued to work on place value in maths this week and have been looking at numbers up to 9-digits long! We have used place value families to help us with reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers. The children have also worked really hard on rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. This has been a challenge but we had a go at a variety of active activities and games today to help us consolidate our knowledge!

First Week Back

We have had an amazing start to Year 5! The children have been working hard in maths looking at place value. We have started our class reader 'Cosmic' about an 12 year-old boy, Liam, who is often mistaken for an adult. He ends up space but we haven't found out how yet. In English, we are going to be writing about an adventure Liam and his friend Florida Kirby. 


In Enquiry, we have started looking about Space. Each group has become an 'expert' on one of the planets in our solar system and created a poster to educate others in the class. 


5JH have had their first swimming lesson and have been an astounding representation of Elm Tree with their amazing behaviour!