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Cupcake Decorating


It was Reception and Year 1's turn to decorate cupcakes today. They were so careful when they placed their icing on their cake and then decorated them with unicorn sprinkles, chocolate stars and smarties. They couldn't wait to take them home so they could eat them. 

Games Club - 5/2/2019

Bake Off...


The children had a go at decorating cakes this lunchtime. Firstly, they had to ice their cakes before adding on whichever topping they wanted. They could choose from pink, blue or chocolate icing before decorating with chocolate stars, unicorn sprinkles, marshmallows or chocolate smarties. The children loved decorating them and years 4 and 5 are looking forward to decorating cakes on Thursday. 

The children made sure that reading was even more enjoyable today by creating these cute bookmarks using origami. 

It was time for years 2 and 3 to get messy today. They used pencils and paintbrushes to make marks in safeprint sheets. They then covered their sheet with block printing ink before printing them on paper. Once they were put all together they made a beautiful mosaic picture. Take a look...

Year 4 and 5 took part in a messy craft club today. They were painting using tin foil. All children had a piece of tin foil which they would scrunch up. They then opened the tin foil back up and used a paintbrush to dab different coloured paint onto. After they had applied the paint they printed it onto a piece of paper. 

Years 2 and 3 made a lovely butterfly display today by creating butterflies using their hands. It was a bit tricky drawing around their hands with their non-writing hand but they all persevered. They then carefully cutting them out and added their name. I think they look great on the wall. 

Craft Club


The children had lots of fun today colouring in their scarecrows. They then cut them out carefully and put them together using split pins. Have a look at their fantastic results!

Years 1, 2 and 3 Craft Club


Children had lots of fun today creating Christmas key rings. They drew two Christmassy pictures before placing them in a key ring that they could then take home. 

Construction Club

Craft Club

Children enjoyed crafting this week. They used a tool to scratch away areas of a picture to reveal lots of different colours. The children were amazed by this and thought the tool was a magic pen! At the end of the session the children added a magnet to their picture. 

Construction Club


Today we had a very busy lunchtime with children from all year groups building a variety of different things out of Lego, Straws or Knex. Some children even built a house that was taller than they were!

Sand Art


Years 2 and 3 had fun today creating pictures using sand. They chose a picture and peeled off various areas to reveal a sticky surface. They then covered these in different coloured sands. The children enjoyed created their final outcomes and looked forward to taking them home. 

Lunchtime Clubs 


There is a new timetable for lunchtime clubs in The Den starting this week. 


Monday - Craft club - Years 2 / 3 

Tuesday - Games Club - All years welcome

Wednesday - Lego Club - All years welcome

Thursday - Craft Club - Years 4 / 5

Friday - Construction Club - All years welcome



Slip into Slippers Day


During our exciting "Slip into Slippers" Day, children were invited to come into The Den to complete a variety of different activities. These included designing their own slippers and a slipper quiz. 

It was also construction club and the children challenged themselves to build the biggest house out of straws. Some children just enjoyed reading in the snug area. It was even more relaxing in pj's and slippers!