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Wednesday 11th May to Wednesday 25th May


Wow! What a couple of weeks we have had! We have been out on an adventure, we have had an amazing art week and We have celebrated the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with a bouncy castle, pass the parcel and a fabulous disco. 


The children are starting time in maths this week where they will be learning to add and subtract time as well as recapping telling time to the hour, half past and quarter to. The children have already started telling the time to the 5 minutes and they will continue practising this regularly. 


The children have loved experimenting with rocks and creating the different layers of soil out of food. The children have learnt all about how rocks are formed the different types. We especially loved learning about fossils and igneous rocks. 




Wednesday 25th of April to Wednesday 11th May.


This has been a super fun and exciting week! The end of last week saw us doing our short burst writing where we were writing diaries from a cats perspective. We had photos of cats doing silly things and the children wrote as if they were the cat. They were so creative and very imaginative. Maths this week we have been continuing our work on fractions. We have been finding equivalent fractions, improper fractions and counting in tenths. 

Next week we will be starting a unit all about time! 


In science this week the children got to make different types of rocks using fondant icing and chocolate. The children built sediment layers with their fondant icing and then acted as the masses of pressure from all the built up layers of sediment to make their very own sedimentary rock. 

While they were doing this the children were busy sitting on a piece of chocolate (in a plastic bag) to show how metamorphic rock is created. They learned that they needed the heat from their bodies and the pressure of their body weight to melt and squash the chocolate. They could talk about how types of sedimentary rock go through this process of heating and pressure and then cooling to form metamorphic rock like slate and marble. 

They also watched a demonstration where melted chocolate was cooled rapidly to become a solid, mimicking what happens when magma emerges from a volcano and the lava is then cooled quickly to become igneous rock. 


Monday we had a beach day! The sun was shining and the children had an amazing time! we imagined ourselves on the beach while laying on the field. We had a paddle in the sea and even brushed the imaginary sand off our feet and tipped it out of our shoes. The children loved playing with the beach balls and having a ice lolly in the sun. This should give them loads to write about in our new English unit this next couple weeks. 

Summer Term!

We are off our rockers!


The new term sees us starting a new unit all about rocks, soils and fossils! The children have already been experimenting with vinegar (an acid) and different types of rocks to try and find out which ones were limestone or chalk. The children have also been sorting and creating scientific observational drawings. 


We are continuing our work on fractions for the next couple of weeks. We are looking at making equivalent fractions as well as finding fractions of objects and amounts. 


We will be going for a walk to Everitt's Park soon and will be completing a persuasive brochure unit of work around the park.  


We are looking forward to our share where we will be sharing some of our maths learning with you all! 

What a week!


This week we welcomed our parents into the hall for a science share! The children loved showing you their learning and what they knew. They were true scientists and showed their adults how to sort, classify, label and design all things light, forces, muscles and skeletons and healthy eating. The children even got to trace their adult and label their bones! 


We have also been taking a good look at some more forces this week. The children have created their own experiments to test magnets, they have made predictions and sorted out what they will be doing to make their tests fair. 


In music year 3 have been learning all about different types of jazz, from ragtime, to Dixie land and to modern jazz. They have created their own swung beats and performed for their classmates. They have really got into the swing of it! 


We are powering through fractions where they have been recapping halves, quarters, and thirds. We will be working on unit and non-unit fractions soon. This week in English we have started writing our own stories of 'the lost thing'. The children have created their own thing and are off on an imaginary adventure to find it and take it home. 


What a fabulous week! Not long now until our RE day and the Easter break! 



This week has been so much fun! 


The children have started looking at forces and did some investigating in the hall. We looked at which surfaces required the least amount of force for a little car to move across! They had lots of fun and their investigations were very thorough. 


We have started fractions this week in maths. We have started by revising what they already know and making sure that their knowledge and understanding of halves, quarters and thirds is secure. They have been imagining lovely big slices of pizza, cake or chocolate (and some fruit) to help their understanding of fair and equal. We always seem very hungry after maths! 


The children have continued sentence stacking around our story The Lost Thing and this week they will start to plan and design their own 'things' for their stories.

We are looking at possessive apostrophes this week and when to use them and when not to use them. We are looking forward to our science share tomorrow! 

Wow! what a week we have been having!


The children took their learning about light to the next level where we looked at what types of surfaces and objects reflect light and we have looked at shadows. We are going to look at how the shadows changed over time after our super experiment yesterday. 


We have been measuring and calculating perimeter this week in maths and we are about to start a super unit all about fractions!


The children have started the story The Lost Thing in English and have been doing some amazing sentence stacking already. We can't wait to see what the children imagine up over the next couple of weeks. 


Year 3 swimming has started and 3KR are doing a fabulous job already! 3LO are excited to get started next week! 

Welcome back!

We have had a busy start to the half term already! We have started our new science unit on light where the children did a drawing in the dark. They are learning that we need light to see and that darkness is the absence of light. They had a great time! 

Maths this week is all about measuring accurately and understanding that millimetres, centimetres and metres are all linked. 

We have just polished off our independent writing. We wrote a non-chronological report about an animal of our choosing. Some children have learned some fascinating facts while researching and writing about some fantastic animals! 

November 25th to December 8th


This last two weeks the children have been working hard to create their very own Sphinx out of 3D shapes that they have made themselves!  The children looked at images of the Sphinx, made a model out of 3D shapes as a design and then created their own using nets of shapes. 

The amazing Year 3s have been working very hard to write their own ending to the story Flood by F.V Alvaro. They have been immersed in the story of a young family who's world is turned upside down by a storm and a flood. The children have thought about how the family are feeling as well as how they are going to work together to rebuild their home and their lives. 

In Maths this week the children have been working on multiplication and division using their 2, 4 and 5 times tables. 


On top of all that fantastic learning we have been working on a super special performance for this years Christmas production. We can't wait for you to enjoy it! 

15th November to 24th November.


What a couple of weeks! 

This week the children have been getting active in their maths with an activity around factor pairs and multiplication. They will start learning more about division this coming week as well as some written methods of multiplication. 

In our enquiry lessons we have been delving deep into the world of the ancient Egyptians, learning about the why the River Nile was so important to their long existence.  They have learnt all about the flooding of the river as well as the farming and trade that took place. 

We had a flood!

The year 3 children came back after break to find that our classrooms had been flooded! The devastation allowed the children to come up with some excellent vocabulary to use in their writing and helping to tidy the destruction away made them really understand what it would be like to have damage to their precious belongings. 

What a super couple of weeks! 

We are back!

Wow! What a start back this half term so far!

We started our week off with some active maths where we were using our adding skills that we learnt before half term! 

We have been planning a wonderful winter poem that we are going to be writing and editing this week! 

In our enquiry learning we have been doing a block of music where we have been learning how to play a tuned instrument along to the song "The Gift of the Nile" as well as singing and learning the words. 

In reading we have been using readers theatre to practise and perform an extract from our class reader "The Great Foodbank Heist" by Onjali Q Rauf. 

So far...


This last couple of weeks we have been very busy learning all about addition and subtraction in maths, we have done our first independent write based on the three little pigs and we have started a new unit on poetry. 


In our enquiry learning we have finished a unit on different art skills where we used wire and sculpted our very own fish! 


We are now starting a history and geography unit on Egypt with a focus on why civilizations settled around rivers. The children have been exploring atlases looking at rivers around the world and they will start to learn the features of rivers and how they are formed. 


The children are working hard in all their lessons and we are so proud of each and every one of them!   

September 2021


Wow! What a great first few weeks we have been having! 

Already this term we have looked at place value in maths and we have been challenging ourselves looking at numbers up to 1000! We are about to start a block of learning on addition and subtraction! 


This term we have started our amazing English learning with The true story of the three little pigs, where we have been looking at the wolf's version of events. The children have been thinking about different views and versions of the traditional tale along side this one. 


In Enquiry we have been looking at the life cycle of a plant. We started looking at what plants need to grow and the importance of roots and the nutrients they absorb. We have looked at the different stages of life including pollination and seed dispersal. The children have enjoyed watching cress grow and our onions growing their roots in the light of the window. 


What a fantastic start! Next up in our learning will be the amazing features of rivers and the ancient Egyptians. 

2021 - 2022