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In year 4, we were lucky enough to have Mr. Wren visit us to talk to us all about insects and minibeasts. It was amazing to hear all about how important they are as part of our world and it has got us all even more excited about our habitat project now. We also enjoyed seeing the additional visitors he brought with him (some more than others)!

Online Safety

This week, Elm Tree are thinking about Online Safety day. Each class has completed an activity planned by Mrs Lewis to think about our identity online. In year 4, we looked about how easy it is to change an identity online but also how we can share our identity safely online.

We also began to think about the importance of security settings on social media and how we should really think before we post. The children were given a 'social media' account to look at and had to use their inference and retrieval skills to work out as much as they could about the person and were surprised about how much they found out!


In Latin, the children have been learning the names of body parts. Thanks to Miss Rymer, the children are becoming confident with this. The children wrote a script between a doctor and patient and acted it out to the rest of the class.

Share Afternoon

A huge thank you to everyone who attended out first share afternoon. We hope you enjoyed it as much as the children appeared to. It will really help the children with creating habitats for animals in that area. Hopefully the next one will be a bit warmer!



We have been looking at different ways that animals can be sorted in our project as part of our Spring topic 'Can Man Control Nature?'. The children then had a go at sorting the animals in their own ways before creating classification keys for three animals of their choice. They had to think carefully about how they could separate the animals from each other. 


Today, Elm Tree took part in 'The Big Draw'. The theme this year was drawn to life (creativity and well being) so we focused on mandalas. We explored a range of mandalas and then found out how they were created before having a go at our own. They turned out amazing! 



We have started to look at fractions in maths and began this by thinking about what a half looks like. Children were set the challenge of finding as many different ways they could represent a half.


This week has been full of hard work yet again. We have completed their first piece of writing based on 'Who Let the Gods Out'. 

In maths, we have been learning a new method for addition and have been successful in this new method. 


In project, we have continued to think about the Ancient Olympics. We had a discussion about whether or not the rules were fair. Did you know that married women were not allowed to attend the Olympics and faced severe consequences if caught sneaking in? We have been working hard to write a non-chronological report to display our deepened knowledge of the sporting event.


4OC have also had their first swimming lesson and thoroughly enjoyed it!


We have had a fantastic first week back. The children have been working hard in all subjects. In maths, we have been looking at Place Value and have been looking at reading, writing, ordering and comparing numbers.

In English, we have started our class novel; Who Let the Gods Out? It has been a hit so far, especially when the children found out that Elliot (the main character) hung Mr Boil's underpants on the flag pole!

We have been making predictions and have begun a diary entry for our main character. He's beginning to worry about his Mum, who appears to be loosing her memory. Not only that, but poor Elliot lost his mum, found her planting pegs and has just seen a constellation crash into his cowshed.


In our project, we are thinking about the question 'What is Legacy?' and focusing on Ancient Greece. We have already learned about the Olympics and compared the ancient Olympic games to the modern Olympics. We enjoyed having a go at some Olympic events and have created some beautiful examples of ancient Greek pottery displaying modern Olympic sports. Watch this space for some photographs of our beautiful artwork! 


4H have also enjoyed their first swimming lesson and made Elm Tree proud with their fantastic attitude and determination.