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Science Week

In year 5, we focused on Viking journeys for science week. We had a great week with all of our learning relating to the Vikings' longships. We started the week thinking about how the Vikings must have felt boarding the longships and what life must have been like on board. This resulted in some fantastic diary entries.

Our end goal for the week was to build viking longships which could float and balance: this required some testing and investigating. We looked at shapes and materials that floated first and then focused on which boat shapes were the most streamlined. The children really enjoyed this investigation as is involved getting wet! 

Once we were confident with the materials and shapes of our boats, we moved onto investigating how the shape of the sail effects the speed of the boat. 

Following all of our investigating, we were able to design and build our boats. This was a great opportunity for the children to demonstrate their teamwork and the end products were fantastic! Thank you to all those who came to see our hard work.

World Book Day

We have had a great World Book Day! All the children's costumes were fantastic and all of our learning was based around the day. We first went on the hunt for clues, which Mrs Branch had hidden for us, based on well known authors. Then, we got locked in a library and had to use our maths and SPaG skills to get out. Luckily, we cracked the code and escaped!

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Reading Round the World

On Monday 25th February, Reading Round the World was launched and we are having to collect reading miles to travel to destinations. It is expected that children read a minimum of 50 pages a week in order to get rewards as it is a whole class effort. In just one week, both classes have read over 2000 miles and we have already arrived at our destination. 5BC are going to be enjoying some bacon rolls from Denmark and 5H are going to be indulging in some hot dogs from Germany. 



20 year 5 children travelled to Lowestoft Sixth Form just before half term to participate in a coding day hosted by BT. We spent the day coding CrumbleBots and then racing them around tracks. The children all worked really hard and had a great day.

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Share afternoon

A big thank you to everyone who came to our share afternoon and an even bigger thank you to those who stayed behind to help tidy - it was greatly appreciated! We hope you all enjoyed it and didn't get too messy!

Learning Cafe

A huge thank you to everyone who came to our maths learning cafe. We hope you enjoyed it as much as the children did.

Spring term update


In English, we are incredibly excited to be focusing our learning on the novel 'Stormbreaker' by Anthony Horowitz. As a year group, we were hooked from the beginning:

 'When the doorbell rings at three in the morning, it's never good news.'

So far we have written a diary entry in role of the main character (Alex Rider). This has really helped children to gain an insight into his thoughts and feelings. In the book, we have recently discovered that Alex is being trained for his mission with MI6 following the passing of his uncle (who Alex learns was a spy). 

Following on from this, we are going to write a balanced argument in response to the title:

Should Alex be given a weapon?


Watch this space for news on their homework project!



This term in maths, we have started with revisiting the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). Children have also been busy measuring and drawing angles accurately, using a protractor. We particularly enjoyed the opportunity to write on the tables after they were covered in angles. We are now moving on to decimals and fractions and can't wait to share our learning with you at our learning cafe on Friday morning (1st February). 



This term's science topic is forces. So far, we have look at the difference and mass and used Newton meters to measure the gravitational pull on everyday objects. We have also investigated how air resistance and surface area affects the speed at which an object falls. Using our VIPERS skills, we have researched Sir Isaac Newton. 




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We are trialling a new homework approach as a school. Every Monday, your child will be set maths homework on and English through Your child has received their username and password. They will also receive spellings each week. This sheet should be taken home for practising and brought into school on Friday when they will be tested. 

As well as this, your child will be expected to read a minimum of five times a week. Please encourage your child to write in their reading record each time that they read as these will be checked regularly. 

In year 5, although it is expected for children to be able to read independently, we strongly recommend that you spend time sharing and discussing their reading. This could include talking about the plot, vocabulary, predictions of what will happen next or simply just listening. 

Each term, a homework project will be launched. This may involve parental contribution. 

Week 1

We have been working incredibly hard this week in all lessons. We've been looking at the battle scene for Macbeth and as a result, have written some fantastic descriptive writing. 

In maths, we have completed our week of inspirational maths learning that mistakes are a good thing because they help us to improve.

In Enquiry, we have created our own Tudor roses and have been learning about the war of the roses and how it all ended thanks to Henry VII.

Children have also received their first pieces of homework and their first homework project of the year. 

Tennis coach

Year 5 really enjoyed the tennis coaching session that we were lucky enough to take part in. A letter went home about the children joining the club if they are interested.