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WW2 Short Story

The scream of the air-raid siren ripped through the air, frightening the two children - Jill and Richard - causing them to run through the city sick with fear. The planes were approaching. In the distance the deadly sound of the engines rumbling through the sky, each second the noise got louder and louder. Yet they were still running to air air-raid shelter. Their hearts were pounding.


As darkness fell they arrived at the air-raid shelter. Quiet mumbles echoed in the air. They tried to squeeze in but there was no room. They were stuck outside. In the distance you could now see the planes.


There was a warehouse up ahead. Inside the walls were torn. The paint was coming off. The windows were broken. The floor was damp. They began to calm and their heart started to slow, but the panic had left an ache in their head and a ringing in their ears. 


"In coming, get down!" screamed a voice near by. 'BOOM!' The bomb hit right next to the warehouse. They were petrified, huddling and shaking in fear as bangs, crashes and blinding flashes went off. A cloud of luminous red over looked the city. Richard was badly injured. His leg had snapped in half. It took his breath away. He was screaming in pain. Jill tried to call for help, but no one wanted to come out in case another bomb dropped because the siren still rang. She tried to carry Richard to safety but he was in too much pain. 


The thunder rumbled closer and closer as the lightning followed almost immediately. A storm was coming. A damp black cloud hung over the warehouse. The clouds unleashed their fury of heavy rain. Eerie wind tore through. Consequently, the clouds drifted away. Jill tried to lift him, put him over her shoulder, asking if he could hop but he just kept wailing in pain. Nothing would work. 


The siren stopped. It was dead silent. Richard was bleeding heavily. Jill couldn't make it stop. It was gushing more and more. He stopped breathing. Eventually, he died. The pain of her loss spread through her chest like an unstoppable fire. A horrible sense of loneliness bled through her. Everything went blurry because of all of her tears in her eyes. The thought of being alone for the rest of her life devastated her. She broke into a sudden and uncontrollable sobbing. 


By Jessie H - 6S

Bad Dad Review

I would say this book is a comedy, action, adventure story. I would recommend this book to the year four children. It starts with a boy named Frank, who has a dad called Gilbert. The dad gets up to mischief and Frank gets involved too. I enjoyed the end of this book because I found it very emotional.

Book review by: Harvey Tyrrell (6S)

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Review

I enjoyed this book because it was very mysterious and I like the fact that you could never predict what was going to happen next.


Would I recommend this book?

I would recommend this book. I think it would be a good book for people who enjoy adventure or quite mysterious stories. It is mainly about exploring and travelling, as well as trying to work out where they were. This book would be suitable for children in year six and maybe towards the end of year five.

Book review by: Amelia Schooley (6S)