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Our Learning Environment

Our inside learning space...


Across Miss Saunders' classroom, the creative area, and Miss Harper's classroom we have wonderful learning areas that are labelled. Areas such as Maths, Small world, Construction, Literacy, Reading, Creative and the wonderful Home Corner!


Each area offers open shelving so that your child is able to access the resources/ tools they desire to fulfil their play. Through observation and conversation, we listen to your child to understand what it is that is driving their interests to ensure we facilitate and add enhancements to the learning areas to ensure we engage with their interests. 



Our outside learning space...

The look out
The climbing frame
The boat and bird watching platform
The sandpit

This wonderful space is now perfect for lots of physical development and is enhanced through our overarching topics, but more importantly, the observations we make on your children and the interests they display. 


We as teachers believe physical development and gross motor skill is strongly developed and supported outside. We change and adapt the areas within our outdoor provision to engage, interest and stimulate your child, where they will make lots of progress!