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Our Learning Environment

Our New Outside Learning Space

Our New Outside Learning Space  1 The look out
Our New Outside Learning Space  2 The climbing frame
Our New Outside Learning Space  3 The boat and bird watching platform
Our New Outside Learning Space  4 The sandpit
Reception are delighted to have the newly revamped outdoor learning space up and running. This space is now perfect for lots of physical development and is enhanced through our different topics to support other areas of learning, such as reading, writing and number. 
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  Our First week in Reception.


We have had a great first week in Reception playing ,listening to stories and sharing our chatterboxes. 


Reception has been under transformation! 

Last year we were part of an exciting project that transformed the way we work. The reception team worked closely with Early Excellence, looking at our planning, provision and our early years area. 

As a result of this project we have had some extensive building work done to open up the spaces making them light and airy and also meaning the adults can easily see where the children are learning. We also purchased furniture that enables our children to independently access the resources on offer. 

Take a look at our environment in the photographs below; 

Small World


Block Play 


Maths Area 

Reading Corner 


Very shortly the outside area will be completely refurbished too!