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Autumn 1 


Thursday 5th September 2019 - Friday 18th October 2019


* Look out! Who's about! *

This half term we are exploring our similarities and differences. Starting from the child is a great place to start - as we are all new to Reception!

First of all we will explore the expectations of the Reception environment and our classroom rules. We will begin to understand the daily life at school and what this means (where's the toilet?... where do we go for lunch?... where do we play at lunchtime?... who is my teacher?... and all the other exciting parts to school). 

We will move on to explore what we look like, our physical but also character features/ emotions. We will learn when our birthday is, what month has the most birthdays in our class, what does it mean to have a birthday? What is included in a birthday? and lots lots more!

We will explore our cultural differences; what foods do we eat? Does everybody eat the same sorts of foods? (YUM!) Our differences are such a fantastic learning point surrounding this.