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Monday 3rd December

Today we had a Geography day. To start the day we began with a world trading game, where we were put into groups and given our country names. We started off with different amounts of money depending on the wealth of our country for example, the UK and Italy started off with 3 times the amount of the poorer countries. We had to use our trading skills to make money and propose deals with other countries.


After break we looked at world maps and tried to label them correctly with the help of atlases. Then we learnt about fair trade, the British Empire and where different products come from.  


Time to get excited there is only 22 days left until CHRISTMAS!


Lily & Francesca   


Tuesday 27th November 2018

Yesterday Year 6 had a share afternoon to show off our Victorian personality projects that we  have been working on for the past three weeks.When walking around the classrooms with our parents we completed a survey for our favourite Victorian projects.All projects were very impressive and our parents were so pleased with the high quality of our work.

Francesca & Lily!


Tuesday 20th November 

On Monday, we visited Lowestoft Community Church and attended the Crucial Crew Event. This was hosted by volunteers who were a part of the Rotary Club. We took part in a huge variety of skills and many different services that taught us many different life skills such as fire safety, railway safety and lifeguarding knowledge.


Lily and Francesca

 Tuesday 13th November 2018


 Yesterday was odd sock day! KS2 were fortunate enough to have the Norwich City football club come in for the afternoon to teach us fun ways to warm up and practise our football skills!


In English we are enjoying a Sherlock Holmes story called The Speckled Band. We have already read the first two panels of the book and we are discussing it as a class. 


In maths we are learning about Fractions, Area and Perimeter of compound and triangular shapes. Maths is becoming more and more interesting.


Lily and Francesca

Tuesday 6th November 2018

Yesterday we found out our new topics and we're happy that we are studying Sherlock Holmes and the Victorian revolution this term! 


Today we had a meeting with the Seagull Theatre crew about our end of year production and suggested a few ideas about what we want our play to be about.



  • Weekly Perfect Paragraph
  • Weekly Maths S.A.T workbook
  • Weekly English S.A.T workbook
  • 3 week Victorian project


Yes this may sound like a lot of homework but it is a fun way of getting us ready for high school.


By Francesca & Lily

Friday 2nd November 2018


We have just finished the book Wonder and these are a few precepts:


  • August Pullman - Everyone in the world deserves a standing ovation at least once in their life because we all overcometh the world.
  • Summer Dawson - If you can get through middle school without hurting anyone's feelings that's really cool beans!
  • Julian Albans - Sometimes it's good to start over. 


We are now excited to watch the film Wonder and also excited to find out what our new topic is going to be.


Lily & Francesca


Wednesday 17th October 2018 

Year 6 have enjoyed this half term as we have been learning about:


English - 'Wonder' which all of us have enjoyed reading.

Maths -   We have learnt about different methods to solve                                 calculations for all four operations.

 Enquiry - We have learnt about the Vikings and written                                     recounts about them invading Lindisfarne Monastery.

 Science - This half term we have been learning about light,                               shadows and electricity. 


Lily and Francesca

Welcome to our first prefect blog. We have had a very busy first week as prefects. This blog will contain our exciting news as prefects throughout the year. Fortunately, every one who applied to become prefects was successful enough to receive the role. We found this out in an assembly last week.


Lily and Francesca


Our Year 6 prefects were announced this afternoon. All candidates received their prefect lanyards from Mrs Halliday and Mrs Boor.


Well done to: Kineta, Shelby-Brooke, Katie, Lily, Francesca. Archie, Freya, Imogen, Ethan, Lola, Jayden, Brooke, Frazer, Amelia, Owen, Paige, Mischa, Jessie, Maisie-Lilly, Ethan, Summer, Jasmine and Aleisha.


Prefect Application Process 2018


This year the process to become a prefect included a personal statement and a formal interview.

The personal statement allowed the children to reflect on why they wanted to be a prefect and how they would improve our school.

Once the deadline for the personal statements had expired, the children each received a letter inviting them to an interview with Mrs Halliday and Mrs Boor.

These interviews took place on Friday 21st September -there was such a nervous air in the Year 6 classrooms on the morning!


After all twenty-two interviews had taken place, Mrs Halliday and Mrs Boor reported on the outstanding attitude and effort of all the interviewees. They were particularly impressed with the perceptive responses as to how the children would improve their school.


We are all waiting with bated breath for the successful candidates to be awarded their prefect lanyards.