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Prefect Timetable 2019/2020

Well Done!

Our 2019-2020 prefects have taken up their role.

The children have all received their prefect badges which are worn on the school tie.

During our first prefect meeting, we were delighted with the enthusiasm and sense of commitment the children showed in volunteering for the various roles we ask the children to take on.

What a fabulous start to a busy year!


Prefect Application Process 2019


This year the process to become a prefect included a personal statement and a formal interview.

The personal statement allowed the children to reflect on why they wanted to be a prefect and how they would improve our school.

Once the deadline for the personal statements had expired, the children each received a letter inviting them to an interview with Mrs Halliday and Mrs Boor.

These interviews took place over three days -there was such a nervous air in the Year 6 classrooms during the week!


After all nineteen interviews had taken place, Mrs Halliday and Mrs Boor reported on the outstanding attitude and effort of all the interviewees. They were particularly impressed with the perceptive responses as to how the children would improve their school.