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Sainsbury Centre Project

5th May 2020


Yesterday, we were given an amazing opportunity from the Sainsbury Art centre in Norwich. They have invited us to take part in a "penpal" project and I have selected year 5 and 6 to take part. The following statement explains the project:

While the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts is empty, the artworks wait for visitors to return. A group of artworks have written letters to the outside world and are hoping for a reply. 


Basically, their artworks have written letters and set tasks for you to complete - they are hoping some of our pupils will write back to them and complete the challenges they have set. They will then write back to you! 

Below, I have uploaded the letters they have already sent to me. I have converted them from a Powerpoint to a PDF in order for you to access them. You can pick whichever one you want and then you can get started! 

Please send your penpal responses to myself at and I will forward them onto the Sainsbury Centre. I will then contact you again when you receive a letter back. 


I'd love to see as many of you take part!