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We had a wonderful share day on Monday

Share Day

Welcome to our new Speech and Language webpage. We are very excited that we will be able to share with you some of our learning. We currently have 10 children in our class and regularly take photographs to record what they have been up to so keep checking this space!


Enjoy exploring this new website as there's lots to see and up to date school information available. Don't forget to check out the kids zone kids smiley

We are all very excited for our trip to Africa Alive on Monday. Please could the children remember to wear good, strong boots and a winter coat to stay warm and dry. The children must bring a packed lunch and drink to eat while we're there, and a bag to keep them in. 


We will take lots of photos on the iPad to send home and I'm sure the children will tell you all about the fantastic time we'll have. 

Thank you!

Our class were very lucky to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Harbour PRU. They had so much fun and enjoyed the music. 

One of our children said "We were in a big circle with chairs and a man was in the middle, and every single time he put the ball on the floor the music started playing! It was really funny." 

Another said "It was amazing! I liked it when he put the ball on Carol's head!" 




The children had a very successful trip to the bakery with their money to buy their cakes and biscuits! Each child asked the lady politely in the shop for a biscuit, gave their 50p and said thank you. They used our Smile Therapy sessions that we practise on Thursdays in the bakery, remembering to stand in a good place, say hello, remember what you need, and say please and thank you. We are so proud of the children for this achievement!