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Please find below spellings that your children can be working on. Try to do one list at a time as they each have a focus sound.


When helping to support your child's learning of spellings it may be useful to follow a sequence such as this:

1. Show the children the new spellings and discuss what you notice for example:

- a digraph- also referred to as a special friend such as /ay/



-root words (the word on its own i.e. singing- sing would be the root word as it makes sense on its own)

-suffixes (at the end of a word- i.e. -ing, -ed, -er, -est)

-prefixes (at the beginning of a word i.e. un-)


2.  Define these words and read them together


3. Choosing the right spelling to go into a sentence  

i.e.  The man is out of ______. 

 piff        puff        peff


4. Individual spelling- i.e. Look, cover, write, check. Please find a blank copy of this at the bottom of the page. You could also choose to do this writing in chalk, sand/sugar, write the words on the wall/pavement in chalk and with water get the children to scrub away the correct word.


5. Play games- i.e. hangman, search for the word in a dictionary, word search.  


You can show your child the Complex Speed Sound Chart attached here so they can see that some sounds are the 'same sound, different appearance'. This is a phrase that we use to support the children in Read Write Inc. 



Please find below some documents to support the children with their spellings.