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Each week, this page will be updated with the weekly spelling rule/pattern we are looking at in Year 5. If you wish to look at spellings each week with your child, then we will also be providing examples of words you can investigate at home. 

17th January

Spelling pattern/rule

sh spelt ch

Example list

machine, parachute, champagne, ricochet, crochet, brochure, chandelier, chute, chaperone, chalet, moustache

10th January

Spelling pattern/rule

silent letters

Example list

doubt, champagne, debt, thumb, solemn, autumn, column, flourescent, knuckle, monarchy

6th December

Spelling pattern/rule

homophones and near homophones.

Example list

weather, whether, pear, pair, passed, past, aisle, isle, aloud, allowed

29th November

Spelling pattern/rule

The s sound spelt sc.

Example word list

scent, scene, science, scissors, ascend, muscle, discipline, miscellaneous, effervescent, adolescent, isosceles



22nd November

Spelling pattern/rule
-sure/-ture suffix. 

Suggested words
signature, sculpture, furniture, departure, structure, measure, enclosure, leisure, treasure, exposure