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Summer Term 2022

This term we have enhanced our fabulous art by linking with CUSP curriculum art which has allowed us to extend beyond our basic skills to really begin to immerse ourselves.


This term we have two weeks - painting and sculpture


Art Week – Whole School



Explore mark marking with a range of media

Year 1

Explore mark making with paint using primary colours

Artist:  Mondrian

Year 2

Explore line,  colour and shape, make own painting tools and develop colour mixing skills to include secondary colours

Artist: Kandinsky

Year 3

Use a range of paint techniques to create backgrounds for effect

Artist: Wiley

Year 4

Mix tints and tones to create an ombre effect with paint

Artist: Hannah Frankenthaler

Year 5

Explore a range of effects which can be achieved using watercolour

Artist: Jim Dine

Year 6

Create still life compositions by combining different media and in response to the cubist work