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Reading Task:


Above is the same link to the picture book from the work set for Monday and Tuesday - ‘Rose Blanche’ by Christophe Gallaz and Roberto Innocenti. 


Now you have an understanding of the story of Rose and you have your own synopsis/impressions of it, here is some more information/connections:


The title, Rose Blanche, can be translated into the ‘White Rose’.The White Rose was an underground resistance group of young Germans who dared to speak up for freedom. Research this group of people and think of different ways in which you could present your findings to Mrs Burton and Mr Smith if you wish to.


Creative Task:

As we come to the end of this rather unusual spring term, we, unfortunately, have not had the opportunity to do one of our favourite activities. We are going to set it for a project you can spend the next few weeks creating.


We would like you to create your own (scaled-down) Anderson shelter out of junk modelling equipment (boxes, paper, sand/mud, foil etc). As you know, during WWII people would run to these when they heard the air-raid siren. 


As always, email us any work you complete if you want it to go on the website. Remember, you can present this in many different ways!

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