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Monday 30th March 2020


Reading Task:

Rose Blanche


Above is the link to a picture book (being read on YouTube), ‘Rose Blanche’ by Christophe Gallaz and Roberto Innocenti. If you were in school for the last week before closure, Mr Smith would have discussed the Holocaust with you. This is a terrible event which occurred during WW2.


This story is told through the eyes of a young German girl, Rose Blanche, who is a witness to the immense changes occurring in Nazi Germany. Her curiosity leads her outside her town where she discovers a concentration camp. Rose secretly brings food to the children behind the barbed-wire fence. The author implies that Rose is killed in a crossfire as the Russian soldiers advance into Germany. The ending of this book is symbolic as spring arrives in this deserted camp.


Why might this ending have been considered symbolic? What could spring represent?


Creative Task:


World War II Propaganda Posters


This site displays a number of the propaganda posters used during WW2 and how they were used. There are two lots of questions linked to the posters. Look at these and discuss them with an adult at home. Propaganda happens all the time and is being used now by the government to make sure we do the right thing during the coronavirus pandemic:

Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.


Design a poster for this campaign for the government.


Design another poster for WW2 - encourage mothers to evacuate their children or to ration food responsibly.