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Year 4

Welcome to the home learning page for Year 4.


If you need to contact your child's teacher then please email:

Maths investigations


Revisit last week's learning with this week's Nrich task - Name that Triangle!



This week there are two Nrich tasks to choose from - both relating to money. Choose one to
have a go at.

The Puzzling Sweet shop -

How Much Did it Cost? -



Have a go at Which Scripts maths investigation this week - it will really test your place value knowledge!



Have a go at Spiralling decimals either on your own or with someone else at home. We have looked at this before but now with the extra work on decimals you might find it a bit less challenging!



Have a go at Factors and Multiples for Two this week to test your knowledge of factors and multiples.



Have a go at playing this game with someone else at home. You will need dice for it, or you could use playing cards to represent 0-9. If you're feeling creative, you could also make your own spinner!



Have a go at completing the coded hundred square. There is both an interactive and printable version of this investigation. It will really test your place value knowledge!



Click on the link below to have a go at Reach 100.



Using what you know about the amount of days in each month, have a go at this sorting activity. Can you get the months in the correct order?



Click on the link below to solve the Zios and Zepts problem. 
This problem will need you to think about your multiples of 3 and 7.



Click on the link below to have a go at Maze 100. 

Using only adding, can you make 100? Is there more than one way? Can you work systematically?



Click on the link below and see if you can find the missing multipliers. Once you've completed the 4 by 4 grid, can you challenge yourself to a bigger grid?