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Year 6

Welcome to the home learning page for Year 6.


If you need to contact your child's class teacher then please email:

Week Beginning: 13th July 2020




Week Beginning 6th July 2020:

For the final, full week the Year Six children will be at Elm Tree Primary, the home-learning will be slightly different - these tasks, are also being completed by the children who have returned to school.


For maths, we are setting a project: 'Theme Park Maths'. This is uploaded in a maths tab below, along with being put in the post tomorrow (with some squared paper attached). This should take the children the remainder of their time with us. Calculators, may be used!


In English, we would like the children to create an informative text. They can use any template they wish: a letter, a leaflet, a booklet, or any other they can think of. It needs to detail how children can be successful in Year Six:

- What is important?

- What can children do to help themselves?

- What is there to look forward to (we do appreciate you missed a lot of this section)? 

We would love to be able to show these to the Year 5 children on their transition days. If you are able to post or email them to us, that would be fantastic - if not, don't worry.




Week Beginning June 29th

How are you? I can't believe it is nearly the end of term. It has been strange with so many of you missing. We hope you are all going to join the Zoom call on Friday.


English this week is set to make you organise your time. It will be up to you how you work. A reading day following by a writing day? A session of each every day? You choose!

Week Beginning 22nd June


This week we have introduced a design competition so check that out in the Wider Curriculum folder. It would be amazing to get designs from all of you.


Have you been practising your spellings? In Monday's folder I have put a spelling activities sheet. Use a different one for each day of the week.





Week Beginning 15th June

This week, and going forwards, the learning will be added on a Monday for the whole week. It will be added under each subject and then in each day, therefore an overview is not necessary. Please check each subject to make sure you don't miss any learning. 


As always, we would love to receive work and photographs from you.

Week beginning: June 8th

(Updated 9th June)

Welcome back to your home learning!

It was so lovely to see so many of you before half term in our Zoom meeting. We hope you are all well and have had a well-deserved rest.

If you have been keeping up with your home learning and reading, we know how much you needed a break.


This half term we will be covering work that we would have done, had you been in school. For some of you, this work will be done in school alongside some outside learning that we have planned. We are looking forward to seeing you all in two weeks.


Those of you who are continuing with your home learning, we will hopefully be able to have some more Zoom meetings. Your work will be as similar to those in school as possible.


Take care and keep smiling!


Mrs Burton and Mr Smith

Wednesday-Friday June 3rd, 4th & 5th

Monday-Tuesday June 1st & 2nd

Great Elm Tree Bake Off

Mrs Burton's Best Ever Cake!

6DB Ben's Diffusion Experiment

Still image for this video
Ben has used food colouring to show how oxygen diffuses across the lung membrane, when we breathe in, to oxygenate our blood.

Wednesday-Friday Overview - 20th May


Monday-Tuesday Overview - 18th May

Wednesday-Friday Overview - 13th May

Monday-Tuesday: 11th May

Happy SATs week, we are all very proud of you! Despite not being able to sit them, we know how brilliantly you would have done!

We are looking forward to our Zoom meeting with you!


Wednesday-Thursday Overview - 6th April

Monday-Tuesday Overview - 4th May (Happy Star Wars Day!)

Wednesday-Friday Overview - 29th April

Monday and Tuesday Overview April 27th

Wednesday - Friday Overview: 22nd April



Welcome back to your home learning!


We hope you have had an enjoyable Easter break and that you still had chocolate treats to enjoy.

It seems such a long time ago that we were getting ready for the SATs. Now we need you to get ready for high school.

Do try to do some of the maths, English and project work whilst you are at home. As ever, we would love to hear from you and we would especially like to receive any work or photographs of yourselves learning at home.


We hope to see you all soon!

Take care and stay safe!

Mr Smith and Mrs Burton


Monday and Tuesday Overview April 20th








April 5th Easter Holidays - Hoppy Easter Year 6!

Hello Year 6!

The Easter holidays are finally here and they will be the strangest of times for you and your family. We hope you are all staying safe, enjoying a break from your learning and you are able to spend time in your garden. 

Thank you to those of you who have been in touch with us: Mr Smith and I love reading your work and seeing your photographs. Please carry on emailing, we really are not ready to say goodbye to you yet.


I hope you all saw the blood smoothie clip on the school's Facebook page. Mr Smith is clearly a natural - I am like a stern weather reporter! Thanks to Luis for the photograph of his version - I hope it was delicious!


Mrs Cluck and Mr Doodle are taking up my time at the moment as I have gone into David Attenborough mode and am aiming to make a short documentary about them. This is not going well as they keep jumping on my lap expecting to be cuddled! I bet Mr Attenborough doesn't have to put up with such behaviour!


We are still hopeful that we will see you soon and can carry on with our learning and plan the end of your time at primary school properly.

Take care everyone!


1st April 2020

Good Morning Year 6


Mr Smith and Mrs Burton have set a rather unusual project this week. We would like you to build a life-sized Anderson shelter in your back garden. Take lots of pictures as you design and construct it.

Are you brave enough to spend a night inside?

Below are some instructions to help you with this exciting task.



He! He! We still have a sense of humour!

No pranking today Year 6!

Welcome to the home learning page for Year 6.


If you need to contact your child's class teacher then please email:




For each session you will see an overview. This document will tell you what to do for each subject every day. There are separate icons you can click to find the resources and more detailed instructions (if necessary) for every subject.

On the overview, in the titles of each section, you will see which subject icon the resources are in.

As always, if you misunderstand anything or need anything additional, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Smith or Mrs Burton on our emails: 

Wednesday/Thursday WB: 30.03.2020 - Overview

Monday/Tuesday WB: 30.03.2020 - Overview