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The School Day



We operate an open door policy in the morning.  The doors open at 8.35am and teachers are expected to be in the vicinity of their classroom at this time.  Early work activities should be available for children to start their learning as soon as they enter the classroom.  Children who attend Breakfast Club will arrive between 7.45 and 8 am via the front entrance.  Children will come to their classrooms from 8.35 onwards.  Parents should be encouraged to not bring their children into the school so they can develop independence quickly.  


Reception             Morning Session        8.45 – 11.45am

                            Afternoon Session     12.55 – 3.20pm


KS1                      Morning Session        8.45 – 11.50am

                            Afternoon Session     12.55 – 3.20pm


KS2                     Morning Session        8.45 – 12.00pm

                           Afternoon Session     12.55 – 3.20pm