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Elm Tree Primary aims to provide a creative, inclusive, challenging and real-world curriculum that inspires future thinkers, innovators and problem solvers in an immersive environment that stimulates and supports high quality learning. To ensure that all learners exceed their potential academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually with their families, in their communities as in the wider world ensuring that they become ambitious life long learners.


As we develop and refine our new curriculum our guiding principles are that: 


  • Our curriculum is driven by big questions with underlying concepts such as empathy, power, rights and responsibilities. 
  • Our curriculum is underpinned by knowledge that is layered and revisited in a cyclical manner.
  • Our curriculum planning is driven by high quality outcomes so pupils have a purpose for their learning.
  • Our curriculum is assessed in different ways but always using a progression of skills and knowledge.
  • Our curriculum is underpinned by the importance of basic skills; oracy, reading, the ability to write, calculate and apply mathematical skills. 
  • Our curriculum is interwoven with creativity with a passion for the Arts
  • Our curriculum is developed on a model of depth and focus rather breadth and superficial knowledge. 





Curriculum: Intent Implementation Impact

Elm Tree Primary School – Whole School Project Overview



Year Group





Let’s get sticky!

Concepts: caring, change, belonging

How do we care for our planet?

Concepts: beauty, sustainability, responsibility

This is me and who are you?

Concepts: community, friendship, identity, love, well being, endeavour 


Watery World

Concepts: beauty, change, diversity, responsibility

What is a community? Town Vs City? Now Vs Then?

Concepts: adversity, responsibility, community, consequences, fear, transformation 

Knights, Dragons and Damsels

Concepts: conflict, peace, dreams, loyalty, power, tradition


Are all riches gold?

Concepts: beliefs, wealth, beauty, judgement

Would you survive?

Concepts: resilience, adaptability, resourcefulness

Where do I belong?

Concepts: belonging, community, identity


What is legacy?

Concepts: power, loyalty, freedom, integration, democracy, wisdom, belief

Can man control nature?

Concepts: power, control, consequences, strength, sustainability, fear

Does adversity always make you stronger?

Concepts: adversity, endeavour, failure, resilience


Who has the power?

Concepts: power, faith, conflict, change, reform

Is resistance futile?

Concepts: power, identity, resistance

Can you turn back the tide?

Concepts: change, empathy, consequences, stewardship, responsibility


Does our birth determine our future?

Concepts: class, equality of opportunity; oppression

Should all promises be honoured?

Concepts: Peace, conflict, sacrifice, loyalty, duty, discrimination

Who is responsible for our world?

Concepts: sustainability, influence, responsibility, stewardship

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