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SATs Week Is Complete!

Letter Regarding Homework

Week Beginning 28th March 2022

As another busy week in year six concludes, we now prepare for our final week before the Easter Holidays. To give you some notice, the children will be coming home for the holidays with a work pack to keep their brains going prior to their upcoming assessments in May.

The key event this week was our very successful share afternoon. As I said on the day, I would like to thank all that were able to attend and also those who were kind enough to make some donations for our resources. The children thoroughly enjoyed having you in for the afternoon and, rightfully, are very proud of the Anderson Shelters they have built. 

*Pictures in the photo gallery*

This week, in the PE sessions, the children competed in their inter-house competitions for football and netball (this half terms sporting foci). Well done to all children and houses for their efforts and positive sporting attitude and respect for one another. 

Our usual slot for reading buddies this week was unfortunately cancelled due to the EYFS share afternoon. However, as the children in year six were very keen to still go read with their reading buddy, we were able to reschedule. These weekly sessions are a delight to be able to see as the children are now really coming out of their shell, so to speak, and are now more confident working their their young person.

Week Beginning 21st March 2022

Last week concluded with the excitement of Red Nose/Crazy hair day. In year 6, this was paired with our half-termly DT Day. As a lot of our extra-curricular learning has been as of late, this was based upon a theme of 'Make, Do and Mend' from WWII. The children spent some time in the morning researching the theme and what sorts of things were made/used/recycled. This research was then applied whilst they planned the garment/other useful item in their small group which they were to make in the afternoon. 

The morning was concluded with learning three different types of stitch: running, back and overcast. *Please head to the photo gallery page to see some pictures*

In PE this week, the children began their intra-house sports competitions. I have spoken to Mr Wyer and Miss Houghton, who were very pleased with the overall approach from the year six children and said that their sport tact was very impressive.

Today (Wednesday), the children continued their work on the Blitz and starting looking at some examples of poetry based upon it. Over the next week, they will be creating some of their own and these will be published into our Year Six photo gallery and on the school social media pages once completed.


Week Beginning 14th March 2022

Firstly, we apologise for our lack of uploads as of late. Things in year six have been incredibly busy with lots of new events and opportunities beginning for our young people.


Since we last uploaded, one of the most exciting opportunities the children have had is to start working with their reading buddy in early years. The year six children have been truly amazing with their young person: reading to them, listening to them talk about their day/week(end), asking them questions about what they have been up to and really showing an understanding of the importance of helping our youngest people feel welcome and comfortable at Elm Tree as they begin their transition into using the, 'big playground' and field soon. The children of early years have told us they are really enjoying their sessions and the early years staff members have commended the year six year group for their commitment to it.

*Please check the photo gallery on the Year Six page for images*


In addition, we have been thoroughly researching the events which occurred during the battle/evacuation of Dunkirk in WWII. This has gripped our year group, with many choosing to do additional research at home and looking into their own family histories during war-time. We would like to commend these children for their efforts and thank them for their extra hard work. 

The children are currently planning and drafting an independent piece of writing based on these events and their passion was evident. Please do ask them questions about their news paper report and, once they are written, we aim to post some on to this page and the Elm Tree social media accounts.

Moreover, as a precursor to their writing, the children had the opportunity to work collaboratively with one another to research one specific element of this battle/evacuation. They had the choice of delving more deeply into:

- Operation Dynamo itself

- Admiral Bertram Ramsey

- Maginot Line

- B.E.F (British Expeditionary Forces)

- Phony War/Blitzkrieg

Once the children had completed their research and decided on how they wished to present it to their peers, they then took a small group to teach about their specific strand. There are pictures of this on the Year Six photo gallery available to look at.

*Pictures to be uploaded of the writing once the piece has been completed*


We understand you are already aware (due to a letter/email going to you from Mrs Baker), that the year group has recently be completing their RSE (Relationships and Sex Education) lessons. We will not go into depth on here as to the subject matter, but would like to recognise the maturity of the year group throughout this unit and we feel confident that they are all aware how to keep themselves safe through the coming years of their lives.


Week Beginning 7th February 2022

What an amazing week of learning! In maths, we have looked at interpreting and constructing pie-charts. We have also worked on more reasoning and arithmetic based problems to enable pupils to work on their problem solving skills. In English, we have continued to plan and write our Sherlock Holmes newspaper articles. Pupils have worked hard to use formal language and to use an appropriate format/structure. It is Mental Health Awareness Week and the children have embraced the opportunity to think about the ways they support each other. They have also completed a 'Reach for the Stars' activity where they set themselves a personal goal. 

Week Beginning 31st January 2022

We have had a fantastic week of learning. In English, we have been focusing on writing a newspaper article based on events from the Sherlock Holmes short story, 'The Speckled Band'. We have explored summarising paragraphs using the abridged version of A Tale of Two Cities. Maths lessons have been focused on statistics and calculating averages. The booster sessions continue to be a hive of activity with pupils engaging in a range of high energy mathematical activities. On Wednesday, we had a special RE day where we looked at the religion of Hinduism. Art based activities,  stories and presentations were used to explore this fascinating religion. We even had a moment of calm where we meditated! 

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

Year Six have a very busy first half term back, beginning with some 'shortburst writing' work. This gives the children the opportunity to have autonomy with their writing style and to experiment with techniques and punctuation. In maths, the children will be beginning by investigating circles: circumference, diameter and the radius. Followed by, coordinates work: plotting, reading, translation (using vector) and reflection. The children are going to be beginning the long awaited WWII unit, which we know they have been looking forward to.

We are excited for their return to school and look forward to seeing them all soon.

Week beginning 6th December 2021


This week we have been working on converting units in maths. We have also been continuing to focus on relationships in PSHE. Building on from our work on teamwork, we have been discussing what it means to act appropriately in different social situations. In Spanish, we have been learning vocabulary related to Christmas, using the words we know to role-play purchasing a present in a shop. Our Christmas production is really taking shape and it has been fantastic to use the stage in the hall for our rehearsals. 

Week beginning Monday 29th November 2021


We have had a busy week completing our gothic villain descriptive writing in English. In maths, we have worked on finding the area and volume of complex shapes. Maths boosters have provided a welcome opportunity to work on approaching reasoning questions and pupils have made good progress with this. We have started to practise our Christmas production - it has been a real team effort and the children have worked hard to learn their lines and project their voices. We have been impressed with their level of commitment and look forward to continuing with our rehearsals next week. 

W/B 8th - 23rd November 2021


To be uploaded soon...

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video
Lucy was very pleased with managing to get through her video without giggling, hence the 'cha-ching!'.

W/B 1st November 2021


The children have made a fantastic start to the new half term. They have enjoyed their maths lessons in the hall and have made good progress with challenging percentage and division work. In English, they have been editing their biographies and are preparing for their gothic villain experience days. We can't wait! The sessions will call upon the children's artistic skills and we are looking forward to seeing their fantastic work. In history, pupils have continued to explore crime and punishment through the ages with a specific focus on Tudor times. We are constantly questioning why these extreme punishments were deemed necessary and children are keen to explore this fascinating time period.