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Art- weaving

Art- making clay tiles

Anti-bullying week: One kind word.


To begin our anti-bullying week activities we thought all about what our odd socks represent, we thought about how we are all individual, unique and special in our own ways. When considering kindness, we thought it was important to think about being kind to ourselves first and we wrote down some things that we love about ourselves. The children recorded ideas such as their earrings, the colour of their eyes, that they're great at writing stories and how funny they are!

We then paired up and thought about the similarities and differences between ourselves and our partners. We thought about the way we look, our likes and dislikes and our personalities. Our final activity on Monday was to design our own pair of odd socks.


On day two we focused our discussion on online relationships and the importance of being kind in all situations, including virtual ones. We thought about how we can use kind words when communicating with people on games or through messages, and what we should do if we experienced someone being unkind in this way. 

We thought about how we have the power within our words and actions to make people feel happy, but also, to make people feel sad. Then we thought about small things that we could do everyday that, although small, could make someone feel special and cared about. The children all created their own acts of kindness posters. Our ideas included; holding the door for people, smiling at them, using kind words, saying nice things about people, asking people to join in their games and helping them when they are stuck. 

We also had a lovely treat, Molly's act of kindness was to bring in some apples grown at home for us all to try! They were absolutely delicious and it was wonderful that Molly thought of her friends and wanted to share the fruit with everyone.


On the final day of anti-bullying week we recapped all of our previous learning about kindness and bullying. We then thought about actions and consequences. We completed a task called 'before, before, after after', where the children had a picture of a little boy crying in the playground in the middle of the page. We shared lots of ideas about what may have happened before that picture, why was the boy sad in the playground? The children thought that perhaps he had been left out of a game, someone might have pushed him or that he had fallen and hurt himself. We then thought about what might have happened after the picture, again we collected lots of ideas, such as a teacher came over to help, other children asked him to play or someone came to give him a cuddle to make him feel better. The children then completed their own sheets to show what they think could have happened before and after. 

Anti-bullying week photos.

November 11th.



In science we have been learning about animals and their habitats, we had a go at drawing our own food chains to show the flow of energy from one plant/animal to the next. After learning about different types of habitats and how they provide everything an animal or plant needs to survive there, we looked at the threats humans pose to some of these wonderful places and the animals that live there. The children created a poster to encourage people to look after our world by explaining what we can do differently to protect the habitats.

Animals and their habitats.