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Year 1

In year 1 we have two geography foci.  In Autumn we have an in-depth look at place when we compare what life would be like if we lived in a tiny African village.  In the summer term we focus on our local environment looking at the seaside and coastal part of our town.


Autumn. - Africa:  Mugurameno, a village in Zambia


Where is Africa?  What is life like there? Learn how village life in rural Africa differs to life in Lowestoft; What is the weather like and how does it compare with weather we have?  Are there seasonal weather patterns?


Focus on homes considering how my home is different to children inMugurameno.  We will think what it might be like if we lived there – would we go to school, what games would we play and what food would we eat.  Are there supermarkets in Mugurameno?

Autumn - Life in an African Village

Summer - We’re all going on a summer holiday.

As we approach the end of the year we will be thinking about all things beach and holidays.  Investigating our local beach area  - what features do we have that makes us a seaside resort?  Using aerial photographs and visits to the beach we will identify geographical features and then consider how have seaside holidays changed over time?  What was Lowestoft beach/seaside like in the Victorian times how has it changed over time?  How do seaside holidays in the UK contrast to a seaside holiday in another country?