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Year 2

In Year 2 we build on our knowledge of important people and undertake three history studies focusing on explorers and the comparison to modern times; The Great Fire of London and finally looking at the life of those who lived in Castles focusing on our local castle history and the Bigod family. 

Autumn Explorers – A Frozen Wasteland


We launch our year with a combined humanities project looking at explorers who battled the extremes of polar regions. Finding out what humans need for survival.  If you were off to explore a new part of the world what would you pack in your explorers backpack?  Investigate and compare historical polar explorers to modern ones? With our geography lens we will look at the Polar regions focusing on its features and challenges to life both human and animal.

Autumn History - Explorers - A Frozen Wasteland!

Spring  - Would you live in London?


Compare and contrast Lowestoft  - (How have our local streets and surrounding area changed since our parents and grandparents were young?  How has transport changed? Using aerial photographs and maps what can we deduce about changes in Lowestoft?  Who bought the railways to us?  How did that help us – did it change our way of life?  ) - and London – what would it be like to visit the capital city?  What would it be like to live there?  What sights and places are important?  What other capital cities do we have in the UK?  What makes it a capital city?  Travel back in time to the Great Fire of London – what happened, who told the stories?

Summer  - Dragons, Knights and Damsels – Oh my!


Delving back in time to the era of William the Conqueror and the building of castles in the UK.  Visit Framlingham and Orford castle – investigate the Family of BIGOD.  What was life like for the people who inhabited the castles?  Where were castles built and why?  How many kings and queens were there?