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Lunchtime Provision

July 2021.

We discussed lunchtime provision at Elm Tree Primary.


We all decided that we enjoyed lunchtimes and felt safe on the school field and the playground.  However there were some aspects of lunchtime that we felt could be improved.


  • Only get one football for the whole of the year group (and it’s flat), occasionally rounders equipment; get bored as not enough equipment
  • No goals for football;
  • Arguments so we need more adults
  • first aid shack; more ice packs; first aid outside at breaktime;
  • Blankets and cushions; tables and benches, shelter if it’s a bit cold and wet; no-where to sit and chat when it’s damp
  • Bins are quite smelly
  • Adults aren’t always visible if they are a long way away and they are surrounded by children.


We came up with some actions to improve lunchtime provision. 


  • A more varied and wider range equipment to be sourced from MDSA cupboard and PE cupboard for outdoor play. 
  • Goalposts to be moved onto the field – and stored against the picnic area fence.  Additional goal posts to be ordered   
  • Bum bags need to be found / ordered and replenished.  These will be taken out on the playground to reduce number of children coming into school.
  • Source a range of blankets and cushions.  
  • Move tables and benches from picnic area to the field.   Think about how we can raise money for funding for additional tables and benches.
  • Speak with Mr Mansell about bin emptying and cleaning.
  • Review adult supervision and roles at lunchtime on the field – ensuring adults are spread out across all zones.    
  • Review how restorative behaviour discussions can be carried out, monitored and recorded at lunchtimes.




September 2021 ~ meeting to review lunchtime provision.


Large goals are now available to use daily and a timetable has been established to allow different year groups to use them


Gym trail is really popular and is well used.


Adults are spread out in different zones and can be clearly seen by all.  They have first aid kits bumbags so there is no need to go indoors for help.


Much wider range of equipment is available including nets, hoops, lacrosse, colouring, bats and balls, pompoms, throw and catch equipment, board games. 


Tables, chairs and benches have been moved from the picnic area and are now on the field and well used. 


Big reduction in arguments at lunchtime as everyone is busy and occupied. 


Adults are joining in with games.


Additional equipment has been ordered and will be arriving soon.


Year 6 prefects have been appointed and will be acting as play leaders.