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Separating Mixtures

As part of our Science topic, we looked at ways we can separate mixtures. We looked at filtering, sieving and evaporating. The children had a go at separating sand and water (a suspension), salt and water (a solution), paperclips with rice and raising in flour. 

Year 5 Phases of the Moon

In Year 5, we have been working hard on our new Science topic - Space. We have been learning the order of the planets and became experts in one planet to then teach others. We even had a go at orbiting the Sun just like the planets do. This week, we have been learning about our Moon. We only have one moon, which orbits us. The orbit of the moon and its position in relation to Earth and the Sun is what makes it look different each night. To demonstrate our understanding of the lunar cycle, we recreated the phases of the Moon using Oreos.