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Year 1

In Year 1 we start thinking about events in beyond our living memory, building on from what we learnt in reception about our living history.  We look at two historical aspects comparing famous people and their achievements in the spring term and then looking at our seaside history in the summer term. 


Spring  - Toys Through Time

Our first KS1 forage into history building on our skills and knowledge of our immediate history for EYFS to consider concepts such as similarity and difference as well as old and new and change through time. We will be thinking historically, beyond our living memory, to answer questions such as How can we tell these toys are old? What were our grandparents’ toys like and how do we know? Who played with these toys a long time ago What are our toys like today? We ask the question ‘How do we know?’ to help us consider how we use historical evidence. These questions will lead to the creation of a toy museum, which the children will be curators of.

MTP Toys through Time Y1

Summer  - We’re all going on a summer holiday.

How have seaside holidays changed over time?  What was Lowestoft beach/seaside like in the Victorian times how has it changed over time?  How do seaside holidays in the UK contrast to a seaside holiday in another country?