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York Day 3 2023

Day 3 York 2023


How could it already be Day 3? Time had absolutely flown! After another super evening and quiet night, the children were packed and ready for the day they were most looking forward to. We were inundated with compliments from the hotel staff, the restaurant team, who had looked after us, and members of the public staying at the hotel, about the conduct and the manners of our children – we could ask no more.


As soon as the rides of Flamingoland could be seen in the distance, the level of excitement rose! We arrived for the opening of park so it was quiet but already hot and sunny. The children had organized their groups and we were pleased that no-one was left out. Mrs Branch and Mr Wyer took the first duty as the rest of us disappeared to rides at the far end of the site. Some of the more fearless children persuaded Mr Smith onto Kumali – a crazy upside down, high speed rollercoaster. It was a shame that I had to stand with the camera and bags, but someone had to be sensible!


As we roamed, the children discovered the splash area and proceeded to run through the fountains and archways, getting totally drenched and laughing together. It seemed a good time to go on the water ride – and this time, I had no choice but to join in. We all got completely soaking, screamed lots at the freezing water cannons (or was that just me?)  and then stood in the driers until our clothes no longer dripped. Luckily the sunshine was beautiful for the rest of the day so we all dried off quickly.


It was lovely to catch up with everyone at lunchtime, Mrs Rodwell and Mrs George had everything ready and organised for a speedy eat, as the children wanted to be back on the rides! There were some group changes for children who wanted to do the new Sik high speed rollercoaster and those who wanted a gentler afternoon. The sealion show was enjoyed by some of the children, as well as Mr Wyer and Mrs Branch. Although Mrs Branch also had to endure some rides later in the afternoon!

We hit the road at 3pm, tired but having had a brilliant time. It was a long journey due to a hold up not far from York but the children were wonderfully behaved and napped on and off. Peterborough service stop was very busy and I was impressed with our children’s patience in waiting for their food orders. Back on the road, we made better time but arrival time remained at 22:10. It was lovely to see everyone reunited: happy parents and sleepy children.


I would like to thank everyone for making this year’s trip so incredible. To the team: Mr Smith, Mrs George, Mrs Branch, Mrs Rodwell and Mr Wyer for their 24 hour support, humour and consideration for each child and to the children for just being totally amazing!