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Pupil Voice

End of 2021-2022 Academic Year:


Year 5 pupils told us:

"It was fascinating watching the Australian team practice, I liked the trampolines" - Layla about gymnastics.

"I liked how springy they [trampolines] were and I liked doing the bars and tuck fronts" - Daisy about gymnastics.

"There were lots of activities; you got to learn a lot about gym" - Poppy about gymnastics.

"It was fun and exciting" - Ashton about gymnastics.

"I loved it: it was really fun because of the activities going on and the good sportsmanship" - Eva about the Evolution Cup.

"It was fun, because we got to compete against all the other schools" - Layla about the Evolution Cup

"It teaches me loads of sports, now I know I like football" - Cameron about PE


Year 4 pupils told us:

"I got to compete in events I'm really good at" - Tallula about the Evolution Cup

"It's really fun and you're really active in it" - Neve about PE

"We get to do loads of different sports and it keeps me healthy" - Harley about PE

"We get to do loads of ball games and at after-school-clubs we get to do dodgeball and other different things" - Peyton about PE


Year 3 pupils told us:

"It was fun because we got to do loads of different events" - Mia about the Evolution Cup

"I like running around and playing fun games" - Elise about PE

"It's fun and entertains me" - Sophie about PE

"It means you get to do fun stuff and I like team games" - Theo about PE


Year 2 pupils told us:

"I liked the running events" - Rocco about the Evolution Cup

"I like the jumping games we do" - Frankie about PE

"I like football because you can score goals" - Freddie about PE


Year 1 pupils told us:

"I liked the jumping activities" - Robyn about the Evolution Cup

"I liked that we won" - Bobby about the Evolution Cup

"It was fun" - Elsie about the Evolution Cup

"We learn lots of sports" - Logan about PE

"I like gymnastics" - Ava about PE

"I liked basketball at after school club" - Oliver about PE


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