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At Elm Tree we believe passionately in the creative and performing arts.  Music is one of our curriculum passions.


We use Kapow Primary’s music scheme to support our teaching of music.  This allows all teachers to be specialists which means that children achieve good musical outcomes. This curriculum has been designed as a spiral curriculum which matches our curriculum vision of 'I know that so now I can learn this'. Importantly, it is:


  • βœ“  Cyclical: Pupils return to the same skills and knowledge again and again during their time in primary school.

  • βœ“ An increasing depth curriculum : Each time a skill or area of knowledge is revisited it, is covered with greater depth.

  • βœ“ A curriculum that builds on prior knowledge: Upon returning to a skill, prior knowledge is utilised so pupils can build upon previous foundations, rather than starting again.



We teach our creative and performing arts in blocks so that children are immersed in their learning.  In addition to these skills/techniques/knowledge blocks we encourage cross-curricular links in enquiry and also in performance.  


As a school we: take part in 'Snape Maltings' School Celebration'; foster a love of music and singing in assembly and offer musical clubs to learn an instrument in Year 4.  We merge our love of music and performance in our Shakespeare festival, high quality Christmas productions and annual performances at our family picnic. Recently, we have worked together as a school to sign Take That's 'Greatest Day'. This really brought our school community together and helped our children fully appreciate the power of music and how it can connect us.