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Literacy learning ideas

Reading at home


Reading to your child is really important, to allow them to hear how a story flows and how print on a page has meaning. 

Allowing your child to 'jump in' alongside sharing a story, gives them confidence to understand that reading becomes easier the more you do it! 


Here are some ideas for questioning your child, whilst reading and sharing stories at home. 








Writing at home


If your child completes drawing or writing at home, always ask them to tell you about it. Can they write a key word on their drawing? or label any parts of their drawing? 


If your child is enjoying a particular story at home, why not get them to write their own version? and illustrate it too! 

Maybe the 'Three Little Princesses' go on a quest. Or 'SuperCarrot' helps people to see in the dark! enlightened

Inspiration for writing


A brilliant resource base for imagery to inspire writing is 


I use this often as a morning task whilst I take the register. I ask the children to just spend 3/4 minutes just looking at the picture. 




What can you see in the picture?

*What does the picture make you think

*What questions might you ask the picture? 

*What does the picture make you wonder?


Examples you might hear... 

I can see a girl on the back of a dragon. There are trees. The sky is white and purple. The dragon is bigger and the girl is smaller. There are mountains. 


The picture makes me think they might be on a mission. The picture makes me think the dragon and the girl could be friends. They might be escaping from someone bad. 


Questions: Where are you going? Are you hiding? Are you on an adventure? Where have you come from? Why are you so high up? Are you friends? Are you saving the little girl? 


I wonder if they are escaping from a dangerous dragon? I wonder if they live in a magical kingdom? 


There is so much that can be taken just from one picture. This could then lead the your child writing a key sentence or a short story from just one picture