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Year 6

In Year 6 we focus heavily on British History beyond 1066.  We build on our knowledge of crime and punishments in previous historical times in the autumn term and have chosen, via pupil voice to focus on World War II in the spring term. 


Autumn - Are the scales of justice always balanced?

Building on our knowledge of law and order in our earliest empires children will consider how life has changed.  Looking deeply into the systems of justice and how laws are passed; the changing in punishment type – why did people get burnt at the stake; what was a stretching rack and why would you be punished in this way; imprisonment; the development of police forces and leading on to modern detection of current crimes eg forensic science. A gory but thought provoking question to answer!

Spring - Does anyone benefit from war?



An extended history project, focusing on the philosophical concepts of peace, conflict, sacrifice, loyalty, duty and discrimination.  We look at the causes of WWI and WWII – did we learn from the first time?  What were the key moments and the impact on all the people of the world in World War Two - we focus on children, family life and the oppression of Jews via 'The Diary of Anne Frank'.