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Year 6

Welcome new Year Six children!


See below the prefect application form:



































































In case you did not manage to get the messages read during the slideshow (I will add Mrs Burton's and my speech later, as I just cried through mine)...


Mrs Halliday:

Well, Year 6, we got to the end of a very difficult year. 

It was so lovely to see you all back with us yesterday - even for a few hours.  It filled my heart with joy.

For those who have been at home we have missed you.  For those who were able to come back we are proud of how you worked with the new normal.

We are proud of you for coping with so much change and disappointment this year. 

Whilst SATS are not the be all and end all – we strongly believe in you as whole people not just a set of data – I need you to know you were on track to be our very best year!  You had worked so very hard during the school year and made so much progress.  I thank you for that.

You are now on the way to high school – you are ready!  You are awesome young people who I am delighted to have had at Elm Tree – you have made me proud every day and I will always be proud of you in every future endeavour you do. 

We will miss you greatly and I am honoured to be able to say you are the:




Mrs George:

Not the year we wanted for you all, but you’ve made it; I wish you all the best at high school. Go and be the amazing stars I know you are. This is the beginning of your new adventure – grab every opportunity with both hands.


Mrs George x



Mrs Rodwell:

Hey guys,

Not quite the ending to primary school we were all hoping for, but you guys rock! You’ve been amazing through such a difficult time. Now for the beginning of your next journey. Stay safe and work hard!

Much Love,

Mrs Rodwell



Mrs Branch:

As a librarian, I really want you to continue to read for your own enjoyment in high school. As a TA. I hope that you remember your Elm Tree Family fondly. And, as a parent, I’m just wondering how long those hoodies are going to stay white!

Love, Mrs Branch x


Mrs Stafford:

The end of an era for me, as you all leave Elm Tree. You were the first reception class, on the first day I started to work here.

I can remember so well how little you all were then! Through the years, I have dried your tears, helped you with your friendships and shared lots of laughter, but most of all, I have watched you grow into the fine young people you have become. I will miss you all, but I know you are ready for your next adventure!

Goodbye, and good luck I will remember you always,

Love, Mrs Stafford x

We are looking forward to seeing you all at Parents' Evening. If you have not sent your request slip in, there is still time.

Happy Holidays!

We hope you are all enjoying your half-term break.


Homework is due in on Monday: reading, spelling and arithmetic papers.

Homework 16.09.19

Today we have set our first week of homework:






All work is stuck into the Year 6 homework books which the children have taken home.

Books should be handed in next Monday 23.09.19.

Homework Club is on Thursdays.

Pupils who are unable to get the work done will stay in on a Monday lunchtime so they can stay up to date.


Welcome to Year 6


Welcome to our Year 6 blog. We hope that you will all be able to contribute wonderful items to this page.


Being in Year 6 means that mingled with fabulous learning, there are exciting events to look forward to. 


We cannot wait for the term to begin so, let the learning commence!


Mrs Burton and Mr Smith






















































































































































































































            York trip - Day 3

The day the children had been particularly waiting for had arrived - Flamingo Land. 

So delighted were we with the children's behaviour that they were allowed to visit their chosen rides in small groups. They had a fantastic time dashing from thrilling ride to skin-drenching ride! Mr Smith was available to escort anyone who wanted moral support - well that is what he said!

Laughter and friendship was the order of the day and we all felt we were lucky to have such fabulous children to share the sunshine and fun with.

Whilst the trip back was long, we enjoyed a busy stop at services and a movie or two.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Mr and Mrs Boor for the fantastic organisation and the agenda they created for the children. 

We would like to say a huge thank you to Mrs Rodwell and Mrs George for everything they did for the children who are so fortunate to have had them with us.

Finally we would like to say an even bigger THANK YOU to our wonderful year group for being fabulous!

Have a super half-term,

Mr Smith and Mrs Burton

            York Trip - Day 2

Another fabulous day in Yorkshire.

After a calm night, breakfast was a pleasant affair.

We set off for Eden Camp early and arrived with plenty of time to see the incredible array of P.O.W. sheds. Each of these held a themed range of exciting resources. Some sheds were hands-on and others simply fascinating. Outside the sheds there were wartime vehicles, memorials and even a Dig for Victory garden. The children displayed their amazing knowledge of WW2 which made us very proud. We were also very proud of their behaviour and the respect they showed.

After lunch, a gift shop visit and a whizz on the junior assault course, we set off to meet our ghost story-teller in York.                                   As we wound our way around the streets, Mark - our guide - told us short local legends about infamous characters and ghosts. Outside York Minster, he told us a haunting tale of a Roman legion who continue to march through the town.

The children listened attentively and have some wonderful ideas for their own stories.

Day 1 - York Trip

What a fabulous first day! It was lovely to see you all very early this morning, waving us off. The coach journey went smoothly and we made excellent time. We made an unscheduled visit to the National Rail Museum which was fascinating. The children were superbly behaved and chatted incessantly about the monstrous engines, decadent royal carriages and of course their purchases in the shop!

After lunch, we visited the Jorvik museum which was great as the smell was pungent and the models too life-like! A 'Viking'  gave us a talk about the archaeological finds and how they deduce what each object tells us about the Viking era.

Then, a stroll up the most famous street in York - 'The Shambles'- proved a popular activity, especially with Harry Potter fans. Did you know that Diagon Alley was based on this street?

Finally, we passed York Minster on the way back to the coach, took a photo, marvelled at the sheer height of it and were whisked off to our hotel.

The hotel is wonderful! The staff have been so friendly. The rooms are spacious and really lovely. The children chilled and chatted before tea which was much needed.

Bedtime has been uneventful the time of writing!

Please check for another update tomorrow.






Monday 20th May St Michael's Church Trip - non-uniform, packed lunch required or Pick and Mix ordered.

Year 6 Bake-off

On Friday Year 6 teams baked and decorated cakes. Their creativity was most impressive and their finished products looked yummy!


Welcome back!

So, this is the last term of primary school for our Year 6 children - where has the time gone? Homework, up until the SATs, will be: any papers not completed over Easter, and Prodigy Games, which were set for Easter. Also, we would like the children to continue their fabulous reading.

Please note that the SATs timetable is on the SATs page above and any concerns should be directed to Mr Smith or Mrs Burton.

A letter regarding SATs Breakfast Club will be sent home next week.

Before our York trip, we have a morning visit to St. Michael's Church to begin our narrative unit of writing. The letter for this will also be with you next week.







Happy Easter Year 6

We are all very proud of how hard you have worked this term - well done!

The next few weeks are going to be busy but they end with our wonderful trip to York so let's hope they fly by.


We have set lots of homework on and Prodigy as well as the practice SATs you took home on Friday. It is up to you how much you do, BUT, everything we have set will help you to improve on the learning you have done so far and will prepare you for your tests. Try to do little chunks of work throughout the holiday rather than sit for ages. 


Oh, and don't forget those reading miles - every 5 pages counts so squeeze in time for that too.


Most of all, we want to see you relaxed and refreshed for your final term at Elm Tree Primary.


Mrs Burton and Mr Smith


Share Afternoon - Model Anderson Shelters


Thank you to all parents and carers who attended our share afternoon on Thursday. Our hall was a hive of creative activity! We were so impressed with the ingenuity shown in scaling down the features of the Anderson shelters, vegetable plots and gardens. We have displayed our shelters in the classrooms as we are very proud of the finished results.

Anderson Shelter Share Afternoon

Snape Maltings

Year 6 have an amazing opportunity to sing at Snape Maltings next month. Rehearsals will take place during school time starting Wednesday 6th February and it is open to everyone. We really hope that as many children as possible take part.


A huge thank-you to everyone who turned up for our Maths Cafe! It was so lovely to see so many of you immersed in maths!


Our Share Afternoon is on Thursday, 14th February - please join us for more activities and learning chat.

Letters Home

Year 6 SATs Letter