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History at Elm Tree is taught through posing questions that help children consider how the world has changed over time.  We want our children to be curious about change, discuss if all change is positive and to use a wide range of historical sources to gather their opinions.


Our history curriculum is routed in knowledge.  We have built our curriculum so that we focus on the ancient civilisations first.  We select one to study in depth  and then using this knowledge we delve into comparisons with all the others. We start our studies into British History by looking at similarities and differences with our most ancient period of time - the Stone Age with another world ancient Civilisation  - The Mayans. 


Our studies of British History leads us through many periods of time using threads such as crime and punishment to compare time periods and change.  Reflecting on our knowledge learnt during our journey through time we compare, contrast, discuss the legacy of historical change and actions and use the language of cause and effect. 


Our history curriculum is cyclical in both skills and knowledge.  We use our school curriculum mantra 'I know that so now I can learn this' as our driving force for embedding knowledge and skills  so our pupils can move into their next phase of learning as confident historians.