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Our Learning

Maths in Autumn Term 1

Over the last half term, Year 1 children have been learning lots of about Place Value. They have explored the composition of number 10-20 and have solved lots of equations and reasoning problems that link to this. They have also learned how to count their ten times table and explore what different multiples of ten look like, using Numicon and tens dienes. We are really proud of the resilience that our pupils have shown throughout Maths sessions this half term. yes

In PSHE, we have been discussing emotions and what they may look like - using facial expression and body language.

Our trip to the local shops in our community.

Marvellous Mathslaugh

Year 1 have been using many representations of numbers to 20, using manipulatives such as numicon, bead strings, rekenreks and ten frames.

September 2023


Wow what an amazing start to the year! The children have been very busy! We have started our year off with some maths learning about place value -  we are learning how to count, represent and compare numbers. Our amazing pupils have embraced the learning we have been doing in English so well. We have started with a story all about an Extraordinary Gardener!  They have even started  planning their first independent writing, by making their own extraordinary story


The children have also been blazing through their science learning! We have learnt about types of trees, plants and flowers. We have learnt what it means to be wild and we have learnt what types of trees lose their leaves in the winter (deciduous). 

Next we are taking a closer look at the seasons and the weather. We will come back to all this learning over the year to make sure they have really embedded it! 


Next stop on the Year 1 learning train is...a story about the adventures of a lost toy...